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Hoffmann Institute Brochure

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Egor
Setting : Dark Matter Progress Level: 5
Rating: 97/100 - 6 comments - 1140 Downloads

I collected the general info from the lost Hoffmann Institute web page and tried to create an official looking brochure from them. Images found somewhere in the net. This brochure describes the public face of the institute; "Improving the Human Condition" and other public think tank endeavours.

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User comments [6]

Hoffmann Institute Brochure

, rating: 100 June 15, 2005

Being the first of its kind, you've done an outstanding job here. Very prefessional looking. You uses the graphics well, and I like the look of the watermark. Makes me want to call the institute up for a job.

Hoffmann Institute Brochure

, rating: 100 July 15, 2005

Excellent job! It is very well laid out. Print this up on brochure paper and it will look 100% authentic. Use it on a bulletin board to advertise an upcoming campaign, or just give them as handouts, not only to players, but anyone standing around if you play someplace public like a gaming store. Thanks for the effort!

Hoffmann Institute Brochure

, rating: 100 April 17, 2006

This is so awesome! What a great way to invite people to a DM game! Thanks for putting this out there.

Hoffmann Institute Brochure

, rating: 100 May 16, 2006

Cool Idea & well executed!

Hoffmann Institute Brochure

, rating: 100 August 05, 2006

Gave this to each of my players before our first game during our characer creation session. They really loved it and it got them in the mood to really play. Well done.

Hoffmann Institute Brochure

, rating: 80 July 16, 2009

perfect. The logo prints out a bit dull.

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