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Game Counters for Hex Map #3

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by vornargith
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Here is the third in an ongoing series of add-ons to the Color Space Hex Map resource.

1 additional fleet color is supplied in this PDF as well as asteroid fields, moons, jump nodes and a Dyson's Sphere. The pages are sized to print on 8.5" x 11" ... a heavy cardstock on a laser printer or copier works best.

This file is actually an UPDATE ... the first file was a bit too low-res. Anyone who wants high-res versions, feel free to request them.


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User comments [5]

Game Counters for Hex Map #3

, rating: 96 January 16, 2005

Love the counters. They are an excellent addition to ship to ship wargaming. -MindX.

Game Counters for Hex Map #3

, rating: 100 January 17, 2005

Yes, this series has been astonishingly good. I've seen similar works with similar quality, but they all had price tags on them. Thank you, Vornargith, for giving us such an excellent (and affordable) set.


Game Counters for Hex Map #3

, rating: - January 17, 2005

You're welcome and thanks. I wish I had more time to make them full color. I'm working on a system guide now complete with illustrations and templates for planet charts, etc. If my workload permits, I hope I can get this online within the next few months...

If anyone has any idea of what gamers need out there, please let me know. I'd like to work collaboratively (is that a word?) with others as well.

Game Counters for Hex Map #3

, rating: 100 January 20, 2005

Outstanding work! I love it. Now I've got to go search out your other files!

Game Counters for Hex Map #3

, rating: 100 January 20, 2005

Wow! Incredible work, Jack! I only wish I had such a talent. Now I need to get an Alternity game together again so I can put these to good use.


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