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I've been working on this project for a while, and finally got something that seems finished. Its a 20 page guide to the planet Exile (pre-Spicer TS.Net news).

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, rating: 90 November 07, 2004

Nice and organized compiled work. Always like to keep stuff like this handy. Thanks for sharing.


, rating: 81 November 12, 2004

There's a lot of useful information considering it's 20 pages. Nicely compacted.

Are the Nanuet Earth humans? Does anyone know when they arrived on Exile, or if not, are there scientists trying to find out?

In general, are the stellar nations and major Verge worlds trying to take control and colonise this pristine Class 1 world? Maybe that's why there are conflicts with the Nanuet.

There seem to be a wide variety of Earth equivalent creatures. The first two that you mentioned are a spider and a scorpion. That doesn't mean that _all_ Exile creatures are arachnid-like, but that might be a useful theme to make the various dinosaurs, mammals and mammal-reptile-things look a bit more like a connected alien evolutionary tree.

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