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Full Color Space Hex Maps

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by vornargith
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Perfect for space battles, these seamless maps can be mounted on foam board and place in groups of 2 or 4, depending on the scale of your battle.

This set of 4 maps should be printed on 11x17, preferrably from a color copier or laser printer. Ship counters will be available soon for use with the maps.

Contact me at for free high-res versions or to make recommendations and requests.

Happy Gaming!

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User comments [4]

Full Color Space Hex Maps

, rating: 100 November 05, 2004

Awesome. Simply awesome. I can't wait for the counters. REALLY can't wait. I've been stuck using SFB counters, which aren't bad, but aren't exactly interesting either. Also, they are kind of tiny (the SFB ones).

Full Color Space Hex Maps

, rating: - November 06, 2004

Thanx - The counters will be 3/4" squares ... a bit larger than the SFB ones. I just wish I could print them on heavy board, but a nice coverstock works just as well.

I'm organizing them now into different colors and making sure each set is complete with hull designations and numbers. I made the originals for my kid and his friends, but I have to complete other hull images to make the set consistent.

Remember, if you want high-res versions, I'd be happy to e-mail JPGs directly to anyone who requests them.

Full Color Space Hex Maps

, rating: 100 November 08, 2004

Masterwork set of maps. This one goes into the GM's chest ^_~V

Full Color Space Hex Maps

, rating: 100 January 20, 2005

Wow again!

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