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Alternate Dungeons & Dragons

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by TerroX
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Rating: 88/100 - 6 comments - 3271 Downloads

Rules to play Alternity in a fantasy environment. Inlcudes a unique magic system, examples, skill lists, equipement lists and Hero Sheets.

I will add Careers, sample Supporting Cast members and more as soon as possible.

Please tell me how it prints out for you, on an Epson 740 at medium quality is looks nice, better use thick paper if you print on both sides.

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User comments [6]

Alternate Dungeons & Dragons

, rating: - February 10, 2001

It has a very professional look to it.. very nicely layed out.

I have to give this along with Red Dragon's fantasy book and d_leonards magic system a good read. Maybe combining these wouldn't be too hard.. *not sure*

Anyway, looks great TerroX!

Alternate Dungeons & Dragons

, rating: 70 February 10, 2001

Nicely done! I really like the layout. I wish I had the time to put my work in that kind of format.

Alternate Dungeons & Dragons

, rating: 90 February 12, 2001

Perfect. We used to play MERP and will use this as a guidline to help convert over.

Alternate Dungeons & Dragons

, rating: 90 February 13, 2001

Fine Material, I really want to give this a try sometime. I had an idea for a conversion myself but this beats my ideas hands down, and the presentation is great.

Alternate Dungeons & Dragons

, rating: 95 April 24, 2001

Professional quality layout, solid in gameplay. My players really like this.

Alternate Dungeons & Dragons

, rating: 95 December 08, 2006

An attractive layout, with practical information. I had been working on some of these issues - nice to see how you handled them. A core book I shall use often.

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