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Creature collection pt1

Submitted by mark on August 09, 2002
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this is the first of many to come

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Creature collection pt1

, rating: 95 August 13, 2002

The illustrations are really effective! Keep them coming.

Creature collection pt1

, rating: 98 August 14, 2002

Awesome! I've been looking for stats on fantasy creatures for some time now, this really helps me out. Keep up the good work!

Creature collection pt1

, rating: 50 August 15, 2002

Unfortunately I can't agree. I'm in favour of conversions, but Mark hasn't really brought over the special abilities or interesting qualities of these creatures.

Creature collection pt1

, rating: 75 August 22, 2002

I'll go midway between jimbos and wzeranski, and perhaps mark will address the issue jimbo points out.

Creature collection pt1

, rating: - December 08, 2002

Good work MorituriMax.
It's great to have pics to show the players what they're getting into. Can't wait to see the next bunch.

Creature collection pt1

, rating: 75 December 08, 2006

A good start. When will we see some more?

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