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Update 4 for Chapter 1

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Red_Dragon
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You know, I thought I uploaded this years ago - oops!! Anywho, got a regular download coming soon and I hope to get into a forum sometime soon.

Peace out

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Update 4 for Chapter 1

, rating: - March 30, 2009

Hey Red,
Give me a holler ( ) please. I'd like to discuss the future of this project with you. RE: Putting it all together in a professional-looking PDF. I know some people have had trouble with the different file formats. I believe your hard work deserves to be shown in the best possible light.

Shawn "Kzin" Trudeau.

Update 4 for Chapter 1

, rating: 85 March 30, 2009

like it, and great work, but I dont think I need it, well done

Update 4 for Chapter 1

, rating: 95 March 30, 2009

Great Work RD!!!

Update 4 for Chapter 1

, rating: 95 April 01, 2009

Great addition to already great set of rules.
(also, if you need help, mail me)
keep up the good work RD

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