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Metapsionics Power Control Broad Skill

for Alternity 1998
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Hello again all! Finally back and hopefully here to stay. I've had a lot of changes in my life over the last three years but things seem to be settling down. I look forward to getting back into the forums and posting my work again. I'm so glad this site is still alive and well. You rock!


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Metapsionics Power Control Broad Skill

, rating: 100 September 12, 2007

WB RD!! Looking forward to you posting your work again! I've been using your rules for 3+ years now for my fantasy Alternity game and it's been great! Thanks for all the hard work. :-)

Metapsionics Power Control Broad Skill

, rating: 100 September 13, 2007

Hey RD, Great to have you back!!!!!!!! I have been looking forward to thanking you for the Uber Cool Psionic Powers that I have shamelessly used for years in my Alternity Games. I would love to see your "missing" chapter on Psychokinetics to round out the work. Again, Hats Off to you and all the hard work, MindX

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