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Electronomicon 2.0

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by bri_aitsya
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: any
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Escape Velocity 2503’s Dread Tome (F/X Artifact)
By: Matthew R. Esch & Michael T. Meechan
Illustrations (except where otherwise noted), Incantations: Michael T. Meechan.

Welcome to the Electronomicon, Version 2. Is it safe to look over my shoulder now? After several more nights’ work on this contribution to the Alternity game, I know a bit of how Abdul al-Hazred, the alleged author of the Necronomicon, must’ve felt. This is the ELECTRONOMICON; an alien artifact designed and used in the Star*Drive setting based campaign found on the Internet at EscapeVelocity2503 ( This device is based on the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft and the mythology of the Necronomicon. It is intended to be used as a constant foil and irritation to the players in one’s Alternity game; but it does not necessarily need to be used in a Star*Drive setting. This can just as easily be used in a Dark•Matter game, or any other setting that the GM chooses.

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User comments [5]

Electronomicon 2.0

, rating: 88 April 13, 2004

one very detailed artefact.

Electronomicon 2.0

, rating: - April 13, 2004

That's the Revision... the original is still available, and I'll have to submit that for comparison. I'm glad to see folks like it; though I cannot take 100% of the credit: Mig_nova (aka Mike Meechan) & I worked together on this collaborative effort to give the Alternity community the DREAD TOME (hence the little title I use here on the boards).

Electronomicon 2.0

, rating: - July 10, 2004

Another note: Chris Campbell did two of the drawings: the pencil drawing of the Mi-Go & the featured picture of the Haunters.

Electronomicon 2.0

, rating: 90 July 25, 2004

I love Lovecraft and Alternity. This Electronomicon is a modern focus for both. And it it is potent, something to put at the end of longer campaigns. (Bad spelling?) Iร‚ยดll use this.

Electronomicon 2.0

, rating: - August 28, 2004

Metaphant: In the EV2503, storyline, the Electronomicon was discovered quite accidentally at the very beginning. It was all the trouble that followed that made a lot of the plot. Hell, man, use it as you see fit.

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