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Guardian-series Bodyguard Robot

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by TerroX
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 81/100 - 4 comments - 1098 Downloads

An AI robot used for defence and guard duty.

Written by Vance Avalon, compiled for Alternity.Net by TerroX

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User comments [4]

Guardian-series Bodyguard Robot

, rating: - November 14, 2000

I am not the author, comment if you want but Vance may not reply.

Guardian-series Bodyguard Robot

, rating: 82 November 15, 2000

I believe this is a damn fine piece of equipment, something all Alternity players should clamour for! *grins* In any case, one thing I *didn't* notice, and that was a story or background behind it! I'd personally do my own variations on the robot, then do the themes, but it seems a damn fine piece of work, keep it up, Vance! And thank you TerroX, for bringing this wonderful person to our attention!

Guardian-series Bodyguard Robot

, rating: - November 16, 2000

Backgrounf info would help, but for vehicles and equipment I dont think it's always needed, usually I just need some stats and a picture - or maybe how it works.

Guardian-series Bodyguard Robot

, rating: 80 January 27, 2001

Scary-looking little bugger, ain't he? I imagine that this robot would be quite useful for riot-control and bouncer duties, as well as the bodyguard role.

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