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Equiptment and weapons listings

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Liberiton
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Hate having six books open to find that info on your gun? Hording all that loot on scraps of paper around the house? Say no more! This simple listing gives plenty of room for all your weapons and loot!
Equipment listing includes location and book/pg for easy reference. Weapon tables include ALL stats like restriction, clip size, modification and upgrades, attachments, as well as anything else related to the weapon.

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User comments [3]

Equiptment and weapons listings

, rating: - September 04, 2012

Nice job.

Equiptment and weapons listings

, rating: 92 September 04, 2012

Nice addition, very well done.

Equiptment and weapons listings

, rating: 91 November 02, 2012

At a higher level of character development (or of campaign detail) a more organised and spacious equipment listing becomes a necessity. This covers some very useful considerations.

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