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Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by MindX
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Out of the kindness of my heart to my players, here is the list of starting equipment that all of the PCs in my campaigns start with. I do this for two reasons. 1. It speeds up the creation process without having to look up needed equipment and 2. It reflects a reasonable amount of possessions/equipment that an adventuring PC would have at the beginning of a campaign. Dirt poor heroes would start with considerably less or have equipment of marginal or at best, ordinary quality. Enjoy...MindX.

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Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

, rating: 90 January 21, 2005

Why do people mix metric and non-metric measurements? (3inch x 75m) :-)
A very nice doc guess my players all getting it. Nothing in life can not be solved by a swiss army knife, ductape and the contents of cupboard in whichever room you are locked in (provided you have MacGuyver with you)

Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

, rating: 90 January 21, 2005

A good piece of useable stuff! And It Is a good thing to prepare a campaigne or adventure doing lists like this.

(About MacGuyver: Whasn´t it chewing gum, fertiliser and suger he always used? There was allways fertilisers and suger in a corner, and there was allways someone chewing gum that he should rescue...)

Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

, rating: - January 21, 2005

I wish that everyone that posts documents would use pdf format. It makes it easier to use without reformat it.


Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

, rating: 81 January 22, 2005

The Basic list is pretty sensible.

There's a lot of stuff in the Journeyman kit across a wide range of potential environments. Did you intend each person to have _all_ of this? I think I'd prefer to define three or four Hobby kits and give each PC one of them, plus career equipment.

Any thoughts on giving a civilian vehicle of choice as starting equipment?

Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

, rating: - January 23, 2005

If the career choice indicates that they rate one, sure, why not.

Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

, rating: - January 30, 2005

It looks like it's still a work in progress. The cost listing either should be filled in with some values, or deleted (esp. if this is starting equipment). Having the one, last line spill over to the 2nd page is a bit untidy, but I'm only going on aesthetics here. Not a bad idea, though. What of other settings? Such as ones where someone gets a spaceship (and the bills, presuming that it's not a freebie)?

Alternity Starting Equipment Sheet

, rating: 85 September 05, 2006

On the one hand I like the idea of standardized starting equipment. It's easier then waiting for PC's to decide what they have or want.

On the other hand, I can't figure out if this is for D*M style settings, StarDrive settings, or a modern campaign.

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