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These are, up to now, untested rules, for Nanoimplants.
(Yes, I've been playing Deus Ex far too long.)
These implants are generally more effective, but also much more expensive than normal implants.

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, rating: 76 February 19, 2001

Pretty darn cool, lots of funky new stuff!


, rating: - July 27, 2001

Nano-implant's, it had to happen sometime. now all i need to do is make a character named J.C. Denton, grab GEP gun (white phospherous rockets of course) and blast some MJ12's


, rating: 90 September 17, 2001

Shadow, I think this is a very comprehensive list, and I'm sorry I didn't notice it before. The Alternity game shamefully neglects nanotechnology, and it's nice to see that other players recognize its potential. Personally, I think nanotechnology is a much more plausible path to cybernetics than anything I've read in the past; if cybernetic implants ever become a reality, I bet nanotech will be involved.

Did all of these come from the "Deus Ex" video game? I've heard good things about it, but have not played it. The same studio did "Thief" and "System Shock," and both were outstanding.


, rating: - December 14, 2001

I didnt rate this because I think I might be mstaken.

Is it just my mistake, or are there not rules in this file that explain the basics of nanite implants? do they take up space or skill points to get used to them like cybertech? Someone please fill me in... otherwise I thought the article had some pretty good ideas in the way of the nanite functions.


, rating: 95 January 20, 2002

Nice work! They're fair too! I might have have listed wether certain implants were Con, Com, Res, etc.

^kazer91, it says at the end that a Nano Factory supports nanoimplants and makes new ones. There you go. (Read the final paragraph.)

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