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Cybernetics I

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by d_leonard
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 6
Rating: 77/100 - 6 comments - 1710 Downloads

This is a selection of cybernetic devices I created mainly with the combat spec in mind. Included are the Adrenaline Booster, Cyberear, and Chameleon Skin.

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User comments [6]

Cybernetics I

, rating: 75 September 24, 2000

I like the ear.
The booster seems more powerful than the fast chip.
The Chameleon skin is cool, but maybe only needs the +1 or +2 verison , +3 may be a little too much.

Cybernetics I

, rating: 75 September 28, 2000

Some nice cybergear, but I would have liked a bit more depth to them.. As for the ears, 1 kg ?

Cybernetics I

, rating: 72 October 06, 2000

i think a supplement already has cyberears close to what you put out.The boster seems nice though.Now ive been thinking about making a chameleon skin thing myself and i think you have done a good job of it.But plus 3? I agree with terrox-a smaller number may be better.I'd settle on plus 2 if it were me.But you did some nice work.

Cybernetics I

, rating: 75 October 22, 2000

I like it. Good job.

Cybernetics I

, rating: 82 January 27, 2001

Very good devices, especially the chameleon skin.

Cybernetics I

, rating: 85 February 01, 2010

Great job. I liked the tone, and all of the equipment. However, did you have to write it in green? It hurts my eyes.

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