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StarDrive: 2504

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by Oneagle
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: 7
Rating: 95/100 - 13 comments - 3868 Downloads

This is a 41 page sequel to "The Externals" online release, carrying the stardrive setting through the year 2504. It also takes into account the Action Check interview with Richard Baker and material from the Stellar Ring Netbook.

It goes through the year month by month, covering events in both the Verge and the Stellar Ring, contains numerous adventure ideas, NPCs, and six original full color maps of the war courtesy of MorturiMax.

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User comments [13]

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 100 October 21, 2002

Woo Hoo! Awesome work! And look at those maps! That guys a genius!

Grin... I wonder who he is?

Was worth waiting for. Lots of solid game material, just glanced through it, but will go through it in-depth later.

Have a good one!

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 88 November 17, 2002

Definately worth a read.

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 90 December 10, 2002

Very impressive! A much need continuance of the StarDrive universe! I look foward to seeing more (hint, hint)...

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 96 December 29, 2002

I am about to start a campaign covering the external war. I gave it a quick look and must say I'm certainly going to use this for ideas, war development and such..

I'm also very glad to see a joint project that made it to the release stage ! Looking forward to the Stellar Ring Netbook !!

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 85 January 24, 2003

Nice layout and good extrapolation. Now we need to continue the war. When's 2505 gonna come out?

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 99 February 01, 2003

I am most impressed, and glad to see someone following up the traditional StarDrive campaign. I cannot wait for the nent year of the war.

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: - June 15, 2007

The basis of my new campaign...incredible! Very good work.

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 100 May 22, 2008

Damn good, given me loads'a cool ideas!

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 90 June 07, 2008

Might not be the way I'd go with the war but it defiantly gives me a ton of ideas.

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 100 December 04, 2008

This brainchild of Oneagle's is freakin' brilliant. It was so well writtten, that I, for one, consider it canonical.

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 100 March 18, 2010

I also am considering this cannonical and am basing 2506 missions off of it. Basically this will be the basis of the SMS Wyatt James missions.

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 92 August 30, 2010

Very nice. It moves the war along through some terrific battles without closing off directions for conflict (in fact, it introduces a few new ones).

StarDrive: 2504

, rating: 95 April 04, 2012

Excellent source, makes me wish someone would do year 2505.

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