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Tangent Template

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
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Record-sheet and notes to describe alternate universes in depth, as defined in "Tangents".

Minor update to format of GRAPH values.

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User comments [4]

Tangent Template

, rating: - July 04, 2004

Aside from some formatting (the 1st page of GRAPH stats, notably), this is very concise & easy to use. (Being a Word .doc makes it accessible... at least to me!)

Tangent Template

, rating: - July 05, 2004

The formatting is pretty rough in general. I'll fix up a few problems.

Tangent Template

, rating: 90 July 10, 2004

Much better. I have a *slightly* different idea on the formatting, but what you did works just as well. Lots of information in there!!!

Tangent Template

, rating: 99 July 20, 2008

Very nifty, Jim. I wish I had noticed back then.

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