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This is a short Alternity adventure I wrote for space marines I ran at a local convention. Should run in about 4-5 hours.

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, rating: 88 May 03, 2001

I played this and it was fun! We did split it into two gaming sessions in fact.. We suddenly decided to play Alternity and guess what, I rushed to A.Net :) One of the players was new to roleplaying and loved Starship Troopers, you mentioned it somewhere in the intro, so I went for it!

I must say I dropped the Synners concept and focussed on the terrorists vs. heroes situation. They had an encounter with two Spikespores and had a rough time with them.. In fact it gave the terrorists time to gain control over the ship, which worked out fine. As the heroes knew what was going on (but didn't know about the Commander playing along with the terrorists) they decided to split. Two of the heroes (who were all more or less CS-type characters) got on board of the ship as engineers and one stayed with the colonists, armed with a sniper rifle. Things got mad as one of the players, who was a psion-talent, casted pyrokinetics in engineering and almost took his own life.. Another hero was tied up in the ship .. Eventually they killed all the terrorists and negotiated a bit with the colonists. It was a fun game!

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