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Fighting for Breath

for Alternity 1998
Submitted by uncle_jimbo
Setting : Star*Drive Progress Level: ?
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Alternity statistics set on Lison, in the Verge, for Judge Dredd adventures in "Signs and Portents" issues 13, 14 (Dark Phoenix Rising), 30, 31 (Murder on the Megaways), 34 (The Cult of ..), 75, 76 (Judge Dredd Encounters), 77 (A Perfect Woman), 90 (Armed and Dangerous), 91 (Monkey Business), 92 (Go Find the Lady) and 93 (Judicial Services).

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User comments [6]

Fighting for Breath

, rating: - May 15, 2012

Thank you again for generously providing conversion stats.

Fighting for Breath

, rating: - November 02, 2012

Thank you for an even more expanded resource.
I missed your earlier update in July, and only just downloaded and viewed this one.
It's particularly nice to revisit Judge stats as Obern's Lison Air Guard, with a side trek, and have Alien-like Raptaur's spiced up with tentacles, and linked to crystal and sonics.

Fighting for Breath

, rating: - April 27, 2013

Thank you for adding 7 pages of the Cult of Bel-yog-thulu!

Fighting for Breath

, rating: 95 August 30, 2013

Adding 4 pages, pushing from 74 to 78, with Day of the frog, Dim and dimmer, Food for thought! ;-)

Fighting for Breath

, rating: - December 15, 2013

Thank you for adding 12 pages, with Murder on the Megaways.

I checked the bookmarks, and think you have duplicated a cluster of it at the end (under dredd_airguard.pdf), for the conversion notes at the start.

Fighting for Breath

, rating: - December 18, 2013

Since this latest might be the last addition to the series (revisions still possible) it's timely to fix it.

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