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whalejudge Jan 10 2011, 04:35 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
I'm running an Alternity game at DunDraCon (February 18-21; on Monday, February 21st, at 8 am. I'm using the rules for David Brin's Uplift universe from Action Check. Hope to see people there!

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ja Jan 10 2011, 11:01 Group: Heroes, Bakugan wannabe Quote Post
To far to be there but best of luck!
whalejudge Jan 10 2011, 21:32 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
dblade Jan 11 2011, 03:17 Group: Heroes, Sancrotari Fanboy Quote Post
Keep Alternity Alive, Grand Gamemaster!

Have you run Alternity at a Con before? It can be a blast with the right group. I hope you get a good batch of players.

Starbrat Jan 12 2011, 23:46 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
fantastic to see some good stuff being run for a great game. I loved those articles.

Let us know how it goes.
whalejudge Jan 24 2011, 23:17 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
Playtest went well.
dblade Jan 25 2011, 05:08 Group: Heroes, Sancrotari Fanboy Quote Post
If you have the time, feel free to share the details.
whalejudge Jan 26 2011, 20:28 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
Details get released AFTER the convention.
Grey_Knight Jan 26 2011, 22:12 Group: Heroes,'s Swordsman Quote Post
What happens at ConCamp, stays at ConCamp.
whalejudge Feb 26 2011, 22:48 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
The set up: TAASF Laika dropped the PCs off on Ithaca, third planet of the Quallithon system, as well as a number of other teams around the planet and a satellite web while it took off on other survey duties in the system. The system had been devastated by some sort of battle during its fallow phase, and the Institute of Migration had sent a team along to determine what had happened and who was responsible. The PCs and their mothership were surveying for colonization. As it happened, the arachnoid Serentini had done the preliminary survey for the Institute.

The PCs set up camp. The PCs were: human Lt. Zhao Mei Ling of the TAASF (diplomat/combat spec), human Sgt. George al-Assad of the Terragens Marines (combat spec and a neo-dog handler, with Chesterville Sweet Fido as his assigned dog), human biologist Indira Nehru (tech op), neo-chimpanzee explorer Jocelyn Gombe (free agent), neo-chimpanzee botanist Quentin Leakey (tech op), neo-dolphin pilot Kiirikaiko (tech op), and neo-dolphin archaeologist Iirikalorro (tech op). I'd made eight characters with Fido as a theoretical ninth, but no one picked the Tymbrimi.

In the night, a large predator (three meters long and two meters high of eight-limbed arthropoid fury) came up to the camp on Quentin's watch. Sgt. al-Assad and Quentin stunned it, and they kept it alive for study purposes. Lt. Zhao had last watch, and while she did so three local avoids--orange, green, and blue feathers, six limbs--dropped in. While she offered one a bagel, the other two displayed inquisitive natures--opening up the cooler, putting its head into the coffee sack, swiping a shiny fork. While a shot in the air startled them, they fled when Iirikalorro came out of the water. PCs quickly deduced that this was due to the resemblance ot the predator.

Next day they were still sorting things out when Sgt. al-Assad and Iirikalorro discovered a robot left there for millenia. A brief fire fight started, with Iirikalorro getting seriously injured by the maser the robot carried before Sgt. al-Assad, with support from others, destroyed it. When they finished blowing it apart, they studied it for a bit.

The next phase was brought on by the discovery of an old, old, ship set down on the planet. Jocelyn got them in and hacked the computer, learning that the Sarrphor had been planting presentients here 19,000 years ago. The ship couldn't lift off or fire its weapons. Around the time they'd decided to move camp to the ship, a tight beam laser from the Laika came in. A ship of the Yazzdrikku (a species of my own devising), presumably with their Grruphik and Olphard clients aboard, had entered the system and despatched a scouting unit towards Ithaca. Naturally, it came down in the PC's region. The PCs accelerated getting everything into the ship and some emergency repairs. Once the Yazzdrikku had set down, the PCs decided to arrange an ambush for one of their scouting parties.

This they nearly muffed, as they essentially sacrificed a surprise attack; if the Yazzdrikku and its Grruphik had rolled better, they'd have gotten more shots. Eventually they wiped out the scouting party. Back at the ship, where the injured Irikalorro had stayed, another claim jumper had arrived, a ship of the Tandu. The Tandu vessel headed towards Ithaca. Down towards where the firefight had been, actually. The PCs concocted a scheme to get the Yazzdrikku to attack the Tandu, and it worked. The Tandu survived, By this point, the PCs had gotten the launch tube clear and two missiles repaired, and fired both at the Tandu. The PCs survived.
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