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Alternity Game Day - March 3rd , Annual event to foster Alternity gaming. in General Zone
Spicer Jul 17 2005, 13:04 Group: Grid Cop, Researcher for the College of Justice Ethics Quote Post
Alternity Game Day!

This posting is to announce a new community project effort to define an annual event that will encourage active Alternity gaming worldwide. After holding a discussion in last week's chat session, a group of like-minded Alternity fans agreed to support such an event and now we want your help. But first, let's answer a few questions...

Why an Alternity Game Day?
There's already an annual event known as Game Day that's held every year on March 4th. That particular date was chosen because it implies "march forth" in heroes "marching forth" for an adventure. The annual Game Day event encourages active roleplaying in all RPGs, regardless of system or campaign setting, and it's meant to further the hobby gaming industry by bringing together people all across the world...many meeting in their local gaming groups, some playing online, and some organizing large gatherings at universities, etc. The concept of an Alternity Game Day falls along the same lines, only it's specific to a single system...i.e., Alternity. We're proposing that a separate event would help to call more attention to the game we all love.

When would it happen?
Oddly enough, we've chosen March 3rd...the day before the regular Game Day event...for two reasons. One, it serves as a nice lead-in for "March Forth" in the event that gamers would like to extend their roleplaying across a couple of days and slip in a little Alternity ahead of March 4th...which should serve to widen their gaming experience beyond D20 or other systems that may be crowding out exposure to alternatives like Alternity. Secondly, March 3rd is the official date that Wizards of the Coast announced to the Alternity mailing list that the company would be discontinuing the product line and dropping active support for Alternity. Placing the event on March 3rd should therefore give pause to every fan of Alternity so they can recommit themselves to preserving and carrying on Alternity despite their decision.

What would it involve?
The event itself will involve many things. With March 3rd as a placeholder on your calendar, everyone can set aside that day to get involved in a number of special events. can host a special chat session online, complete with new Alternity discussion topics, special guests, and new resources designed by those in the active Alternity community. GMs can make plans to conduct a game of Alternity in their local area, continue an ongoing campaign online, or otherwise prepare a one-shot introductory game for new players who might be drawn to the chat event. Players, of course, can just make plans to be there for these gaming opportunities and take advantage of them.

Preparing for the event will take a lot of planning, organizing, and advertising. The general idea will involve using the time between now and March 3rd to work on something new for Alternity. A new adventure. A new resource. A new discussion topic or rules option. Anything really, as long as it involves actively supporting Alternity with your creativity and passion. Meanwhile, advertising for the event can be done on a series of websites (,,,, and other D20 message boards) in the hopes of drawing in more players. A few of the regulars will also be going to GenCon this year. We plan to meet up, discuss this idea and also advertise to those we run into at the convention. There's been a small resurgence of interest and nostalgia for Alternity...or alternative game systems to D20...of late. Hopefully, this event might help to take advantage of that interest with a chance for gamers to broaden their RPG experience.

Who's invited to participate?
Anyone. Everyone. Those who have never played Alternity but have an interest in trying something new. Those who have always played Alternity and have an interest in supporting something they've enjoyed for years. It doesn't matter what campaign setting you favor. As long as you're interested in Alternity, you're in...

What can I do to help?
Start advertising the idea to everyone you know that's ever played Alternity, expressed an interest in Alternity, or might be open to the idea of trying a new game. Create a buzz for the event. Plan to host your own game. Design a new resource for Alternity that others will find interesting. Put the date on your calendar and show up for the actual chat event hosted by on March 3rd. Most of all, get involved. Make it your mission to not only continue visiting (whether as a lurker or an active participant), but to actually encourage others to do the same.

For now, I'm starting this thread in the hopes that others will come here, support the event, post their ideas for making it successful, and commit to getting involved with it. So, if you're interested in turning up the volume for Alternity, sound off!

Ready with a whole bag of change,
Starbrat Jul 17 2005, 19:29 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
As per our conversation last night, I'm backing this idea to the hilt. Could the lyrical arch-criminal behind "The Alt Flag" do less?
apoc527 Jul 17 2005, 19:55 Group: Heroes, Evil GM Quote Post
The WotC Corporate offices are 2 miles from my house. Maybe I'll head down there and stage a one-man demonstration demanding that they sell the Alternity license to us fans. :-)

And in 5 months, I'll have taken a course in basic Intellectual Property, so maybe I'll even know what I'm talking about.

One last edit --

Not to get all mushy on you guys, but this is really the best damn RPG community I've ever seen. We should all crack open a beer/soda/wine/etc. and just bask in the glory of this well-mannered, intelligent, and overall nice group of people who support this game. Sure, it's all about an RPG, but what Internet group isn't about something very specific?

Anyway, we rule. biggrin.gif

This post has been edited by apoc527 on Jul 17 2005, 20:04
The_Collector_CLONE Jul 17 2005, 21:12 , Unregistered Quote Post
This is one amazingly great idea!!!!

Is it going to be an international event or only in the US?


Spicer Jul 17 2005, 22:02 Group: Grid Cop, Researcher for the College of Justice Ethics Quote Post
Is it going to be an international event or only in the US?

You'll be happy to know it's most definitely a world-wide event, Collector.

Through the magic of the Internet, everyone will have the opportunity to connect to, participate in the online activities (e.g., one-shot IRC-chat games, chatroom discussions with special guests and topics, etc.). The bonus is that even if you can't make it to the online event hosted by, you can still commit to hosting or playing in a local game in your own community. Just mark March 3rd on your up the event to your friends...and encourage them to join you in a game of Alternity.

DocSmiles Jul 18 2005, 00:24 Group: Heroes, Level 8 Quote Post
For a little added effect, I say that someone needs to make up some iron-on transfers promoting, March 3rd and Alternity as a whole for those who want to show support for the genre. I'd be willing to try my hand at it, as I've had quite a bit of experience working with graphics programs. I would like to ask if anyone has any of the Alternity logos, images, and whatnot, any images Alternity really, that I could slice up and work with for the transfers. The higher the resolution the better.
Guardian Jul 18 2005, 00:35 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
I have a couple game days a week, but 3/3 sounds like a good excuse for a marathon.

apoc527 Jul 18 2005, 02:24 Group: Heroes, Evil GM Quote Post
Oh yea, obviously I'm in. Maybe me and Daryl can go start some more arguments about which game system is better in the Wizards forums. Heh heh heh.
Guardian Jul 18 2005, 03:42 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
If we could time it right, I might join in. Especially if I get to use some of my war stories for SW, DnD and Alt. As you've noticed, I've got some doozies.

TerroX Jul 18 2005, 07:16 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Groin thrust and fist in the air. HUAH!
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