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JSM3050 Jun 1 2013, 20:31 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I just called Wizards directly and told them I'd like to see Alternity and d20 Modern released on DriveThruRPG. The guy I spoke with said to write in and it would get passed along to the right people.

So I did.

Dear Wizards,

I'm writing to ask that you consider re-releasing the Alternity and d20 Modern game lines through DriveThruRPG similar to your recent releases of the 1st and 2nd editions of D&D.

I have nearly the entire run of the Alternity game line (including the Quick-Play and Starcraft boxed sets). I'm only missing the three Dark Matter titles. However, my books are over ten years old and have seen extensive use (meaning they are faded and coming apart).

I understand that a full retail release for a retired system is almost unheard of (though Mongoose re-released the 1st edition Traveller right down to the plain black covers) and even a print-on-demand model might not be justifiable from a business stand-point but downloadable PDFs would be a welcome sight (though Alternity is one of the few systems I would make room on my shelf for physical copies rather than just stick them on a tablet).

There is still an active community here at

March 3rd has been deemed Alternity Game Day and active participation and system promotion is encouraged. One member has run games at GenCon for the last several years, including 2 games slated for this years (

Thank you for taking time out to read this.


I don't know if anyone has tried this approach before but I figured it's worth a shot either way, right?
uncle_jimbo Jun 1 2013, 21:40 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
It's definitely worth asking.
TerroX Jun 2 2013, 02:14 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Hrm front page news?... sounds worthy.
JSM3050 Jun 2 2013, 23:00 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
Just received the following response from Wizards.

Hello {JSM3050},

Thanks for writing in! I understand that you'd like to see Alternity and d20 Modern rereleased. I have passed your feedback along to the appropriate parties for review and consideration.

While I cannot guarantee any further response, we do appreciate you taking the time to let us know how you feel about this, and this will certainly be looked at and considered.

Please let us know if you would like to add anything else, or if there is anything else we can help with. Have a great weekend!

We would appreciate your feedback on the service we are providing you. Please click here to fill out a short questionnaire.

To login to your account, or update your question please click here.

Online Response Crew
Wizards of the Coast
1-800-324-6496 (US and Canada)
425-204-8069 (From all other countries)
Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm PST / 12pm-9pm EST

EDIT - Probably doesn't matter much but the guy I originally spoke with on the phones said his name was Josh (and I got an automated message before he picked up the line saying the call was recorded). That makes at least 2-3 people aware of this now.

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lordmalachdrim Jun 4 2013, 02:33 Group: Heroes, Level 16 Quote Post
I'd hope they do. I don't like pdfs but at least it would make it easier to get people interested if they could have easy access to the books.
Guardian Jun 4 2013, 06:12 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
A searchable pdf would be of more use than the books, given the suck that is the index.
TerroX Jun 4 2013, 10:16 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Wonder if they'd be more interested if we provided a better scan of the PDFs with searchable text.

I ran the old PDFs through an auto-ocr and it was "marginally" acceptable, but scanning the books again at 300dpi would be far better than the low resolution of the PDFs currently available.
derek_holland Jun 4 2013, 11:34 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Considering what they have done with the releases, which are very superior to the old ones, when the release Alternity (soon or in a few years), I would think the files would be top notch with all the features (except cut and paste) you can think of.
pab02 Jun 4 2013, 17:07 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
I've emailed Wizard to request this as well, quality PDFs of the manuals would make it much easier to run games in the future.

"Dear Wizards,

Reading an article on the Legends & Lore article series archive (, I notice that Wizards is starting the process of republishing old D&D rulebooks as PDFs. I wonder would there ever be the possibility for other non-D&D books to reappear in this cost-effective and highly practical manner?

I'm writing specifically to ask whether the Alternity core rulesbooks and Star*Drive setting materials could find their way for sale as indexed PDFs at some point? I have all these books in printed form but it worries me frankly to not have a backup of them available, plus it's hard to transport everything I need when traveling to visit friends. Having PDFs on offer has even more value to customers outside the USA since shipping costs for Ebay or Amazon are prohibitive even when I manage to find a second-hand copy of a rulebook for sale."

Fingers firmly crossed this comes off, it's a great initiative!

JSM3050 Jun 5 2013, 12:39 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
Great e-mail, pab02! Brings up a few points I hadn't considered. smile.gif
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