Character Sheet? in SQuAT - Alternity Character Tool
kattan Mar 3 2014, 01:45 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post
Thank you for the update. It at least can be used in different browsers and still be usable

Also, makes it easier for me to search/replace the html code to swap for #10065; when I want to make it look similar to the old box style.

Once again, thanks. It has made it much easier to print character sheets for my Alternity adventure tomorrow.
obsidian_razor Oct 20 2014, 07:24 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
I can't open the saved character sheets in .xml

They give me an error every time I try to open them with either of my browsers (both Firefox and Chrome) sad.gif
Redjack Oct 21 2014, 22:54 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
It has been noted that my XML files do not subscribe properly to the standards. My weak defense is that I used the XML files from Walter as a base and that I do not use XML any other place but here.

I do apologize. They open fine in notepad and in SQuAT. :-)
Xaoc Nov 27 2014, 07:33 Group: Heroes, Level 3 Quote Post
It will open fine in something that is intended to edit XML too, like Notepad++ or FOXE (First Object Xml Editor)

I've been using the crap out of those for the last few months.
Myridian May 31 2015, 19:55 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
Mutation drawbacks don't format with notes into a second column. (Advantages work fine) using my feeble html skills I note that the drawbacks are missing a ">"
Has: </td<td
Should have “</td><td

That fixes the HTML nicely, not sure about the code that would fix it in the export.
zyngwe Aug 5 2015, 07:40 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post
Howdy, folks. A buddy recently got me into Alternity and I love it. Redjack, many thanks for putting the work into SQuAT. It's an amazing program and has made our games incredibly easier. The issue I'm having is making a robot character. With the "Switch to" menu disabled, is there another way to load up Robots? I'm not very well versed in XML, but I'm willing to try.
Redjack Aug 5 2015, 14:23 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
Sorry, I actually disabled the Robots section because the coding was never completed.
Guardian Aug 6 2015, 03:30 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
I created a file for the Resources a while ago (Metal KISS) that was some rules for just treating robots as a species. A couple different people were working to code that for SQUAT, but I don't know if it was ever finished and uploaded.
Redjack Sep 19 2015, 12:13 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
That's a novel approach. If someone created that file, I would include it in the zip file.

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