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Hi all

derek_holland wrote:
Why are sandmen vulnerable to water? Aren't all the wires and other electronics encased within flesh and blood (which is a better conductor than freshwater)? Could there be sandsharks?

You'd think nanites capable of enhancing humans (and other creatures) would be smart enough to insulating things. Polymers are pretty basic tech compared with nanites. Maybe it comes down to metabolism, the sandman nanites find it easier to hijack and rewire the human body but wrapping up all the electrical bits properly takes a long time, and any one point of failure can be catastrophic (like the tiniest nick on a water-proofed circuit board can turn it into a nice paper weight after a dip in the H2O).

I thought the Sandmen's problem with water was density - their density as compared with humans and water. They're too dense and they sink, and if they sink far enough their biological bits die from pressure, cold, and oxygen starvation.

Am I misremembering? Its been AGES since I even took my RPG books out of their bag, let alone cracked one open for a good read.

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