Typographic Corrections...? , A thread to list any found errata. in SQuAT - Alternity Character Tool
GregoryTechSoft Feb 16 2011, 09:06 Group: Heroes, Level 10 Quote Post
One thing I found while reviewing the xml files are occasional errata that might be in the baseline squat.zip files. The one I'm noticing right now is in the species.xml file, under the Scintilla species. For the free skills section, the opening tag is
<FreeSkills Count="6">

while the ending tag for that section is

Note the inequality in capitalization; this should throw some kind of warning in any modern programming environment where you can verify xml attributes and elements. (Yes, I know you can write and edit xml files in any text editor; but honestly it's better to maintain consistency and prevent errors by doing so in an IDE, your mileage may vary.)
In any xml file:
  • Having the attribute standalone="yes" within the initiating <?xml?> identifier disallowed DTD verification when I attempt to generate DTDs, and might possibly be unnecessary; I remove them when incorporating DTDs, and have no problems in running squat.
  • Whether or not your IDE complains when finding lone ampersands (&) within CDATA text strings, I would change them to either the word 'and', punctuation (where appropriate), or other delimiter (I chose to use 'and').
  • Some files had "Mindwalking" and others "MindWalking" in the source attribute (mind the capital letters) sometimes both in one file; I fixed them in this case to the latter instance.
In data\config.xml:
  • All xml files should have only one top level element; consider putting everything within a <Configuration> ... </Configuration> master element, or breaking them out into separate xml files.
in data\cyberware.xml:
  • The prototype CyberItem you had at the end of the file should be enclosed in comment tags ("<!--" and "-->")
In data\equipment.xml:
  • It certainly doesn't look efficient having separate categories whose only subcategory is one of the same name. Cases: Communications, Miscellaneous Gear, & Professional Equipment. I don't know if you want to rearrange any of this, but it would look better if you could...
In data\fx.xml:
  • I don't understand why these skills are not in skills.xml? Perhaps they _should_ be, but under a separate sub-node. In any other light, they're still only just skills... (and, you can still have the separate panel in the program for them ... if you wish).
  • The note for FX skill "Shapeshifting" was outside of the quotation marks.
In data\perksnflaws.xml:
  • Is it just me? Could this be redesigned to be a "wide list" with an upper and lower half? .... Now that I think about it, I have a few ideas for enhancing how perks & flaws are selected - something like a "special ui" for selecting the severity of the perk or flaw - instead of having three items of different severity (say, Hatred, for 2, 4, and 6 points).
In data\psionics.xml:
  • Same as the first comment under fx.xml
In data\rulesets.xml:
  • The opening tag <RulesSets ...> did not match the close tag <RuleSets> (I would prefer to drop the redundant 's' in the middle, but matched the end tag to the opening one to ensure functionality). Please advise....
In data\ship_data.xml:
  • The forward-slash was missing from the close-tag <ARMORLIST>.
  • Support system "Magazine" had the asterisk before the open-quote mark for the Tech attribute. What is it?
  • (based on the above two syntactic fixes, I'm wondering if we'll be seeing the spaceships part enabled sometime soon -- is this possible?)
In data\skills.xml:
  • I understand what you're doing, in general, with the following:
<Skill Attrib="1" Type="0" BroadSkill="Armor Operation" Name="Armor Operation" ... />

but I do have a suggestion how you can better increase performance. Instead of having the generic <Skill> element, why not break it down into <BroadSkill> and <SpecialtySkill> elements? That way, you could eliminate the Type="0" BroadSkill="Armor Operation" from true broad skills, and possibly eliminate the Attrib="1" Type="0" stuff from the <SpecialtySkill> tags; the BroadSkill attribute of the SpecialtySkill element will still point to the correct matching BroadSkill element (although that's just a bit more work to fix).
  • But, I'm not sure what Custom="False" is for. I see that CustomName="True" when the special dialog for setting a specialization skill's name must be called, but there is nowhere in the skills list that Custom="True".
  • It also seems when Multi="True" then CustomName="True" (except for the teach profession skills). It may be another case of unnecessary duplication.
  • In data\species.xml:
    • I'm not exactly sure what the difference between PsiMult="" and PsiMulti="" is. Any possibility this is a typographic error?
    • The Scintilla species' free skills closing tag did not match the opening one ( <FreeSkills> ... </Freeskills> ) notice the capitalization error; I fixed it.
    • A curiosity that I assume is a typo: "Harbringer"? I corrected this to Harbinger.
    • Two more typos within one of the Vrusk special notes.
    • It appears that in certain species, T'sa and Weren for example, who have SpecialItems, the <SpecialItem> has a Note="" attribute, but also has a <Note> element within it _that has the same text_. Is this absolutely necessary? Either of the two could be eliminated for simplification, but my tendency is to want the Note="" attribute removed from the <SpecialItem> element.

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    blacksunrunner Feb 17 2011, 12:35 Group: Heroes, Master of the Puniverse Quote Post
    Don't you just love it when they talk dirty... now what did he say and furthermore, what does it all mean? tongue.gif
    GregoryTechSoft Feb 17 2011, 13:05 Group: Heroes, Level 10 Quote Post
    Author (blacksunrunner @ Feb 17 2011, 07:35)
    Don't you just love it when they talk dirty...


    now what did he say and furthermore, what does it all mean?   :P

    Who said what to whom? Oh, I see you're being playful.

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    blacksunrunner Feb 17 2011, 15:50 Group: Heroes, Master of the Puniverse Quote Post
    Sorry, me showing my ignorance of such matters and utterly failing to be amusing at the same time, no offence. wub.gif
    kalspriggs Mar 24 2011, 16:11 Group: Heroes, Level 4 Quote Post
    Random question: I'm creating my own templates for races found in my campaign. Is there any way to input the step penalties or bonuses, such as T'sa have with juryrig? I noticed that on the T'sa it is present in the notes, but not on the actual skill part of their sheet. My coding skills are strictly 'had a class once in college' so any help would be appreciated. As it is, I really am finding SQuAT extremely useful, just a couple little tweaks to use it for my campaign
    ja Mar 24 2011, 20:56 Group: Heroes, Bakugan wannabe Quote Post
    Unfortunately, no. Such things stay in the notes. Perhaps the new character builder that is being developed by gregorytechsoft will allow you to do it.
    Bee-R-CAN Jul 4 2011, 08:24 Group: Heroes, Apocalypso Magnifico! Quote Post
    Under Traits on the main screen, "Agressive" is misspelled. Needs a double gg; ie "Aggressive." Other than that, the tool is great!
    Redjack Jan 30 2014, 00:35 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
    Author (Bee-R-CAN @ Jul 4 2011, 02:24)
    Under Traits on the main screen, "Agressive" is misspelled. Needs a double gg; ie "Aggressive." Other than that, the tool is great!

    Fixed in my source xml files. Will be in the next release (> 0.8.1)

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