Fantastic Stuff in Fantasy and Progress Level 3
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Gold turns into silver if starved of sunlight and silver turns to gold if exposed to sunlight. The latter takes 24 hours straight so it is quite rare. Dragons have innate magic that mimics sunlight, thus increasing the value of their hoards.

Nonmagical items that sit within a dragon's hoard become magical after five centuries. This may or may not apply to coins and gems. Though gem dragons could very well be a source of ioun stones.

Wizards always have a room in their towers set aside for summoning. They become tainted and corrupted by the "visitors", resulting in weird things happening. I like the idea of one with its dimensions all askew and when the party tries to leave, they discover that escape is much like the typical chessboard trap.

Some monsters have mirrored skin that contains other creatures within the reflection. The monsters can free these other beings as needed but keeping an ethereal tether on them so they can't simply flee.

Owlbears usually have mutations and weakness as a result of poor synthesis. Few are working on the problem, including an owlbear wizard that is hunting for specific traits to improve itself and its offspring.

Planets in Spelljammer are usually made of one or more of the Greek Elements. Okay, but what other elements could there be to make worlds from? Something beyond Void, Wood, and Metal.
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Lumuria is a new continent that no one want to visit for it is made up of billions or trillions of lemures, evil souls from many worlds.

I recently finally bought The Book of Imaginary Beings and one of the few that EGG didn't life that I wish he had is the celestial stag. It is a spirit that lives in mines and begs miners for help reaching the surface. Miners usually treat them as monsters and wall them away (I am guessing they are the Chinese version of kobolds) for if they do reach the surface and are touched by sunlight, the stags become pools of pollution. I like that and I like the idea of derro having the same sunlight vulnerability. They could become a black version of slime, pollution elementals or an ooze, though I think of oozes as anything but pollution (they are part of the clean up crew after all).

Lycanthrope gladiators are popular for their fights against each other and supernatural critters. The downside is their triggers are usually at night so visibility in the ring may be less than acceptable to most crowds.

Ethereal earth elephants are living 10 ton blocks of stone. They are bone eating predators that appear just above their targets and squish. Unlike flesh elephants, these can take the tumble with ease (1/2 falling damage).

A porch that escapes becomes a wild gazebo.
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Mapping monster territories not only helps with encounter tables, it also allows the DM to consider expansion and replacement of species* as well as new hybrid monsters when two formerly separated creatures finally come into contact.

Some marine monsters are restricted to specific ocean currents. These are usually archmage or divine imposed limitations.

One of the most handy devices for defense of a ship that I have never seen mentioned is the flying broom. A few of them allow for easy scouting as well as attacks from above on mers or sahuagin trying to take the ship. Enough could even pull a smaller vessel when the wind has died down.

Some swarms have traits and powers not found in the individual creatures. Inspired by this weird report on worms:

* This may sound boring but the character will definitely have something to worry about when the local orc tribe is exterminated and replaced by gibberlings or trolls.
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Casting healing or harming spells on the standard elementals has a strange effect. Those that heal and/or run on positive energy turn them into positive quasi-elementals and those that harm and/or run on negative energy turn them into negative quasi-elementals. So an AD&D 1e druid could summon a fire elemental and then turn it into a radiance or ash quasi-elemental with a Cure/Cause Serious Wounds spell. It would be an odd, but effective, method of freezing an enemy encampment by using ash.

Some bard music makes sound visible. These are not illusions and most are simply ways of making their entertainment even more astounding.

There are islands and continents that are space creatures that have come to rest for a few centuries or millennia. When they arrive a few survivors from their previous landing, where ever that was, may find a new world to call home. (This is also a good way to simply remove a troublesome nation or location that the GM just wants gone.)

A few daikaiju trees are the primary predators of dormant or extinct volcanoes. They go to seed if the mountain erupts and destroys most of their bodies.

Deer found in tamed woods are very different from those in wild forests. The latter are scentless, nocturnal shrub mimics that avoid green dragon territory. After a few generations of freedom from their normal predators do deer become the brown, antler bearing animals that are much better known.
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There is a marine species of wyvern that is a master of swimming but not diving. It clings to whales that do dive to get down to its hunting turf and then surfaces two hours later to catch a breath and find another whale for the dive.

One species of giant ant lives on the material plane and harvests vegetation on the Feywild. Such plants give them resistance or immunity to a variety of natural disasters, from floods and fires to quakes and blizzards.

Those charmed by spirit nagas for more than a month become ophidians.

Some diseases are caused by microscopic undead, fragments of fey disintegrating as they die.
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Whale-sized fungal masses roam the oceans' depths, burrowing into the abyssal plain. When they prepare to spawn, the masses come to the surface, grow massive mushrooms and product enormous clouds of spores. Ships nearby may end up being infested and the core of new masses.

Stars are bastions created by minds of fire to keep the cold bat bay. Later the gods used them to keep their new worlds warm. Before then life was very different, there may even be such frozen worlds out there, somewhere.

Oni occasionally replace their horns with grafts that allow them to gore opponents and produce healing potions (usually 3/day) that only affect them. (Serious, why not have potion implants?)

Sparkstone is a mineral of the Lower Chthonic Lands. If struck with magical lightning, the stone glows and its light reveals the ethereal. If struck with natural lightning, the stone glows and its light reveals life. Healers love the latter on the battle field as it helps them determine which victims still live.

An alloy of alchemical copper, dragon iron (found in their bones), and oak iron (found in their roots) exposed to sunlight through a filter made from the silk of the gloom moth creates an oil that turns squirrels into clockwork half-dragon primates. Just dip the rodent and get a useful construct.
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When the air is still and the moon shines upon a body of water (pond or larger), the reflection becomes a different image. It is a location that can be reached easily- just touch the water and will one self to that place. Getting back is also easy, as long as the air is once again still. Though there are many such places, all of them have ways of reaching the moon.
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