Reality intersecting cargo ships , Ouch--help with math/reality in Spaceships & Vehicles
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I remember another discussion to the effect that there are only limited circumstances where a bad thing happens to a starship, in which there is somewhere for lifepods to go that's preferable to staying with the ship. Still, I don't think it's rare enough that it invalidates the investment. It might even be a compromise that increases the likelihood the crew will survive a pirate raid. These should then be added in to crew accommodation for ships larger than Small Craft, even canonically some of those. My Pirogue earlier doesn't have them - bad Rigunmors, but I think could be adjusted to find space.

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Looking ahead a little, we could make some assumptions about the environmental tolerance of robots, such that, without additional systems, they can work without problems in Atmosphere 1-3 (inert to toxic) and Pressure 1-4 (very thin to dense) but have about the same tolerance for Gravity, Radiation and Heat as humans in common workwear (not shirtsleeves or an e-suit). For a Medium-size ship, it might start making sense to consider using systems such as minisupport, or even further define Gravity Control (PL 7) and Heating/Cooling (PL 6) as individual systems, spaceship hulls (and a SSCM technically is a spaceship hull - it's costed for light armour) protecting against most levels of Radiation.

It could be pretty common for StarMech designs to install a Repair Bot cohort and count them as crew, as I have for some other designs. StarMech might prefer not to house the remaining crew members in bunkroom/s. That replaces the assumption I listed above for crew and reduces the proportion of the ship that needs full life support:
  • Repair Bots: 5% hull
  • For a Clipper, count as 9 repair-capable crew members
  • Likewise, human crew requirement is now 36, using Crew Quarters: 10 Hull + Crew Cabins: 3 Hull
  • Commonly human-accessed areas requiring full life support now total 19 (!) Hull Points, though probably some portion of the ship should count as work areas for the crew who aren't on the command deck and I haven't yet looked at any passenger quarters. Two minisupport units cover the rest, or actually the whole, of the hull, and one climate microcontrol provides full comfort for the required area so far, in each case with spare capacity, for a total of 6.5 Hull, 4 Power. Climate control probably should draw 1 Power, now that I look at it again.
  • Evac system for 36 crew: 4 Hull, as written - I might have a look some time whether that's reasonable.
Interestingly enough, when (later) the Orlamu and Orions take up this design, they might want to reverse some of these design choices and will gain some free space by doing so.

The ship could have a broadly similar amount of weaponry to what I've given a Liner hull before and could also benefit from mounting tractor beams to handle at least two cargo modules simultaneously.

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There's reportedly a ghost fleet of freighters due to the current economic downturn.

Also interesting, though not as spooky as it might sound:

Ghost plane(s)

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Using above results, I can estimate that a Clipper hull should be able to haul at least this amount of modularised cargo and a bit more

Let's see an estimate for that:

Systems required per Triple Star SSCM: 13.5 Hull Points
28% of 360 is: 101
Plus: 18 + 13 + 6.5 + 4 + 20 + 12 = 174.5
Hang on, some of the cable guns and tractor beams on Golden Bird are probably redundant with rows and rows of docking clamps. edit: Strictly, a cable gun is more space-efficient for ferry service, so the advantage might shift a little depending how reliable and profitable an owner predicted cargo shipping to be. But I can dump some points there.
Leaving: 185.5 + bonus Hull Points: 72 = 257.5
Divided by 13.5 = about 19

That's not bad. I can settle for 7 + 7 + 5 = 19 SSCM plus passenger and ferry service.

Post-war economic historians might prefer the term "Free Enterprise" for the whole family of designs over a century of use and instead refer to this first example as the "Safe Bet".

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