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bri_aitsya Apr 1 2009, 14:08 Group: Heroes, Master of the Dread Tome Quote Post
You got a really cool idea for Alternity? A short story, set in one of the published settings, or your own homebrew? How about that uber-death ray blaster that can double as an intergalatic space freighter? (Ok, that last one was just silly...) If you have an idea that has been, or perhaps needs to be in print for the rest of us to use and abuse, submit to Last Resort! For a springboard of ideas, you can check out the column titles we have in the table of contents for underutilized columns LR has such as Domain Virtua for Gridsites, or perhaps Future Shock!, tech of PL9+.

Perhaps your talents lie in the more visual, and you can sketch weren in your sleep, or render a starship in some computer program... if you'd like to get your art out there, and would like to work collaboratively with a writer's vision... sign up for the Last Resort!

Last Resort is a volunteer effort of fans of Alternity for the fans of Alternity... To join, navigate your way to or drop me a line with your intentions... Please put "LR7 Submission" in the subject line so my spam blocker won't eat your hard work. alienwink.gif
Grey_Knight Apr 1 2009, 15:42 Group: Heroes,'s Swordsman Quote Post
I've got a column writer ready to rejoin the cause, if you want him back...
uncle_jimbo Apr 2 2009, 00:22 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Author (bri_aitsya @ Apr 2 2009, 01:08)
How about that uber-death ray blaster that can double as an intergalatic space freighter? (Ok, that last one was just silly...)

Actually, you might want to think weirder .. that could be a heck of a campaign hook in the vein of Lexx or Farscape.

This post has been edited by uncle_jimbo on Apr 2 2009, 00:23
TerroX Apr 2 2009, 02:05 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Yoink! (homepage news)
blacksunrunner Apr 2 2009, 18:46 Group: Heroes, Master of the Puniverse Quote Post
Yes come on all you budding creative types, let's see some ideas peeps!
bri_aitsya Apr 2 2009, 20:54 Group: Heroes, Master of the Dread Tome Quote Post
GK: Do you still have access to the Yahoo Group? If so, chime in, if not, let me know via PM.

Jimbo: Don't get me thinking "weird"... bad things may happen. alienwink.gif

Terro: Thanks for the nod on the front page... You da man.

BSR: alienthumbsup.gif alienthumbsup.gif
Kzinwarrior Apr 4 2009, 08:36 Group: Ascended, We miss you ST Quote Post
New Submissions Guidelines for LR7...

There were some serious problems with file formats and program compatibility during the production of LR6. To prevent any further problems, I will be drafting a new set of Submissions Guidelines for LR7. At the same time I hope to simplify the submissions process and improve the quality of the final product.

The new guidelines are summarized below:

1. Only .txt files will be accepted for the written portion of the article. Plain text only. No tables, no tabs and no images. You may add notes about art placement within the text of the article. For example: <<<add "photo #1.jpeg" here>>>

2. The text file must include:
a. The title of the article.
b. A byline (the name you want published).
c. An email address (for editing).

3. All artwork, diagrams, deck plans and photos (known collectively as images) must be submitted separately as individual files. Jpeg format is preferred, but not critical.

4. All images must be as large as possible. I cannot stress this enough. The process of compressing the images into a .pdf document creates distortions in the image. The larger the image, the more ammo I have when combating this problem (and the better your images will look).


Q. How do I create a table in plain text?
A. Here's table P1: Profession Requirements from page 30 of the PHB:

P1: Profession Requirements

---Minimum Ability Score---
Combat Spec 11 - 9 - - -
Diplomat - - - - 9 11
Free Agent - 11 - - 9 -
Tech Op 9 - 11 - - -
Mindwalker* - - 9 9 11 -

*Detailed in Chapter 14: Psionics.

As you can see, it is simply written out. No tabs or special characters, just data and spaces. My program has an automatic table generator that reads this perfectly and adjusts each cell of data for maximum efficiency. Which leaves me more time to make it pretty. Making long lines of dashes before and after the data (as I did) is a good idea too. Makes it stand out in the text so I don't miss it.

Q. Is there a cap on file size?
A. Not really. If the submission is so humongous that it won't fit on the LR site, myself or another staff member will use our own computers as surrogates.

Q. Is there a cap on article size?
A. Good question. I don't think we've hit that high mark yet. Anything between 1 and 10 pages will be accepted without issue. We will seriously consider larger articles, so don't be afraid to ask.

Q. I've got a bunch of home rules/converted weapons/SCMs/whatever from an old Alternity game. Do you guys want that stuff?
A. In a word: YES!! We definitely want your stuff. We take artwork, too.

Any other questions?

RobJN Apr 4 2009, 12:52 Group: Heroes, Xenoform Quote Post
Do you have any kind of theme in mind for the issue?
bri_aitsya Apr 4 2009, 14:15 Group: Heroes, Master of the Dread Tome Quote Post
From what the regular staff writers have propsed doing for LR7, no cohesive theme had emerged. It's not to say that you won't find any cool stuff, but when I asked the readership for nominations for a possible theme, my call went unheeded.
Starbrat Apr 4 2009, 19:36 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
I think this time it could be up to the contributors to decide if there should be a theme. That is, if we get enough goodies to make a themed issue, we could perhaps do that, although speaking purely for myself I can do without 'em.
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