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I don't know if I've mentioned here that I own volumes 1 and 2:

Samarai, and Nicholas the Greek
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Local (based at) vessels can add a few more rows to the table, as well as probably a new column, Functional craft. I'll need the guidelines for Defence Type that I've started into above, or at least some basic assumptions, to plug local naval forces into the same sub-table.

The GM then determines Allegiance of the ship encountered. See below for ships based at the settlement.

I realised I hadn't actually posted that update. edit: Also, it probably makes more sense to roll in the initial check for occurrence of an encounter, which I haven't presented publicly in this form.

Hopefully this clarifies some previous messages.

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Corporate ships are drafted. It's looking within reach.

I suspect a proper treatment for PL 5 may need my Bug hull and someone else's friend's ordnance rules, for Gemini and its ilk.
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