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Guardian Mar 17 2019, 20:54 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
That would explain the reference to Heavy Metal then. Is that even being published any more?
JSM3050 Mar 17 2019, 21:19 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I don't know. I never read any of the print material and only saw the first film. I considered seeing Heavy Metal 2000 but decided it's not something I'll actively hunt down to watch.
derek_holland Mar 18 2019, 13:41 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
HM 2000 is very different than the original. It is one story, a grimdark space opera that reminds me more of Alien than most other films (the grimy, industrial feel of the Nostromo).

And you might want to find the rest of Beast Wars and Beast Machines. The latter gets rather philosophical for a Transformers series in places but it has its moments.
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