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Goofy_Mitz Sep 2 2003, 18:40 Group: BAD EMAIL, FIX then tell TerroX, Status +10 Quote Post
I think most can agree that Star Wars was the greatest for its time and still the greatest among todays Sci-fi cinema scene ( Talking about episodes IV through VI, not that crap fest "Phantom of the Menace" [sincere apologies to fans of that monstrosity] ). But how about movies like the Blob and Night of the Living Dead ( all time greatest survival horror movie...In my opinion at least )? Disregarding graphics and simply looking at dialog, story line, and history, what are the greatest sci-fi pix ever made???
InfoStorm Sep 2 2003, 18:53 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
"Total Recall " decient plot... enough action to keep it from being boring, you you never really know if the entire thing is real or not.

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Starbrat Sep 2 2003, 21:08 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
James_Nostack Sep 2 2003, 22:16 Group: Heroes, Schismatrix GM Quote Post
I recently visited an old friend, and was horrified to find him watching David Lynch's Dune. Absolutely horrendous. I hate the whole Dune thing to start with, but that movie is a trainwreck.

Another bad movie from roughly the same era is Ice Pirates; I'm told this was intended as a spoof, but I was so young when I saw it that apparently I didn't get the jokes.

Each of these makes Phantom Menace look like My Dinner with Andre.

And the best genuine science-fiction movie ever made, as opposed to space fantasies like Star Wars and Star Trek, was Contact, starring Jodie Foster.
rentantilus Sep 3 2003, 02:15 Group: Heroes, Wasteland GM Quote Post
Blade Runner
fred Sep 3 2003, 03:59 Group: Heroes, Level 7 Quote Post
Dark Planet and Virus
uncle_jimbo Sep 3 2003, 07:20 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Pitch Black

- These are a couple of low-budget, but high-attitude movies of recent years that I really liked. Now here's a possibly controversial one:

Terminator 3

- I liked the way that it bound the three movies together as a trilogy, even though they were never intended as such. Also that trick with the cellphone has to be the scariest ability that any of the Terminator models has had. It's about time Arnie went into politics, though.

- Interesting that three of the movies already posted are based on Philip K. Dick novels. I wonder if anyone will film VALIS.

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ENSIGN Sep 3 2003, 10:38 Group: Heroes, Level 5 Quote Post
Star Trek The Motion Picture,
Battle of the Planets
Silent Running
Dark Star

(All of the above were good on first viewing (betwwen the ages of 10-15) but look very dated now.)

Virtuosity (Sid 6.2 will appear in my Alternity campaign soon)

The problem is that I like all the films I see, then 15 minutes later start thinking of ways to make them better. dry.gif

catharsis Sep 3 2003, 12:27 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
I don't see what people like about Star Wars so much. It's kitsch. Might have been revolutionary back then, but I'm not from this generation. At the newer episodes had some pretty pictures.

Matrix... now that was revolutionary and a good movie. The second part sucked.

All in all, I'd probably vote for Contact too. The movie was better than the book, a perfect adaption of the story sans that stupid "proof of God" thing in the epilogue. Ellie Arroway is my hero. (Did I mention I'm just making my degree in astrophysics? tongue.gif ) Though I still wonder about the decision to reduce the number of travelers to one.
Spicer Sep 3 2003, 15:55 Group: Grid Cop, Researcher for the College of Justice Ethics Quote Post
Hello? Nobody suggested the Alien franchise? Of the four films, I'd say Aliens (i.e., #2) took top honors, though the original had some very thought-provoking stuff, too.

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