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Greenland melting faster than ever in General Zone
Guardian Dec 12 2007, 04:40 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
Greenland ice sheet melting at record rate
Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:57am GMT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Greenland ice sheet melted at a record rate this year, the largest ever since satellite measurements began in 1979, a top climate scientist reported on Monday.

"The amount of ice lost by Greenland over the last year is the equivalent of two times all the ice in the Alps, or a layer of water more than one-half mile deep covering Washington DC," said Konrad Steffen of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Using data from military and weather satellites to see where the ice is melting, Steffen and his colleagues were able to monitor the rapid thinning and acceleration of ice as it moved into the ocean at the edge of the big arctic island.

The extent of the melt area was 10 percent greater than the last record year, 2005, the scientists found.

Greenland is about one-fourth the size of the United States and about 80 percent of it is covered by the ice sheet. One-twentieth of the world's ice is in Greenland; if it all melted it would be equivalent to a 21-foot (6.4 meter) global sea level rise, the scientists said.

One factor in the speed-up of Greenland's ice melt is an increase in cylindrical shafts in the ice called moulins.

These huge tunnels in the ice act like drains and appear to let the ice sheet respond more rapidly than researchers expected to spikes in temperature at the beginning of the annual warm season, Steffen said.

In recent years, melting has started earlier in the year than normal. Air temperatures on the ice sheet have risen by about 7 degrees F (3.9 degrees C) since 1991, mostly because of the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the scientists said in research presented at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.

This is in keeping with persistently gloomy news about the state of the Arctic this year. In October, a U.S. government "report card" found less ice, hotter air and dying wildlife.

In May, a U.S. expert at the National Snow and Ice Center in Colorado found that Arctic ice cap is melting much faster than expected and is now about 30 years ahead of predictions made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Guardian Dec 12 2007, 04:46 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
More article links:

Seattle Times--Oceans rose by 1/50th of an inch this year.

MSNBC--further links.

I'm also trying to find a report on the current state of the Arctic Sea Ice.
corrupteddevil Dec 12 2007, 08:06 Group: Heroes, Paradoxial Antagonist Quote Post
Any links on Antarctic ice sheet melting?
Kzinwarrior Dec 12 2007, 08:49 Group: Ascended, We miss you ST Quote Post
Author (Guardian @ Dec 11 2007, 21:46)
I'm also trying to find a report on the current state of the Arctic Sea Ice.

Here's a hint:

The fabled "Northwest Passage" is now a fact. You can sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific through Canadian waters. We are even building deep water ports in areas now that were once completely blocked with ice all year round*.

* Why would anyone want to build a port in the scarcely populated northern wastes? It takes longer to get through the St. Lawrence seaway (which is very crowded) than it does to sail around the northern tip of Quebec. The new ports are also much closer to the plains where much of Canadian's grain exports come from.

Guardian Dec 12 2007, 19:28 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
Those ports also have the potential to put the famed Yellowknife Trail out of business eventually. Which is good, considering that the ground isn't freezing as solid as it used to.

CD, the interactive links in the MSNBC one should have a boatload on Antarctica. Just click on the lady with the map.
Kzinwarrior Dec 12 2007, 21:02 Group: Ascended, We miss you ST Quote Post
Yeah, global warming ain't all good news for us. Those ice highways have already seen a dramatic decrease in the length of seasonal operations. You will likely see an increase in the price of Canadian diamonds very soon as a result. Which sucks, 'cuz I was enjoying the...uh....rewards of decorating my wife.

Hey! There's a good way to bring more attention to global warming. Tell people it will negatively affect their sex lives.

Fel_Edge Dec 12 2007, 23:49 Group: Heroes, Underworld Adjutant Quote Post
Author (Kzinwarrior @ Dec 12 2007, 13:02)
Hey! There's a good way to bring more attention to global warming. Tell people it will negatively affect their sex lives.

I find that disturbingly believable. laugh.gif
Bossmoss Dec 26 2007, 17:00 Group: Heroes, Honey, what’s that smell? Quote Post

Um... if that huge amount of ice is melting, doesn't all that water have to go somewhere?

Can we all say "sea level rise"?

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Kzinwarrior Dec 26 2007, 17:21 Group: Ascended, We miss you ST Quote Post
A surprising amount of sea level rise. Which is bad enough, but I'm wondering what will happen when all that fresh water hits the Atlantic current. It has been described as a power plant that generates life instead of electricity. And people think the fishing industry is in trouble now. I get the feeling they haven't seen anything yet.

Bossmoss Dec 26 2007, 17:37 Group: Heroes, Honey, what’s that smell? Quote Post

You're talking about the conveyor that keeps England and most of Europe at a mild temperature. If subjected to a large amount of fresh water, it would stop bringing warmer temperatures North from the equator. Take a look at what else is at the same latitude as Europe (Canada, Siberia), and that's what England & southern Europe would become like.


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