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derek_holland Nov 2 2018, 18:18 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
The heroes work for a government organization that is currently involved in an odd, slow moving disaster- capturing plants from the future. Just before humanity finally extinguishes all other life on Earth (probably to turn the entire mass into computronium), the people send some of the plants and animals into the distant past to preserve them. This obviously creates a new timeline and a massive headache for the people of the past era. All of the organisms are highly competitive in an ecological sense and may very well cause a mass extinction if they are allowed to grow wild. On the other hand, they are extremely valuable as they have unique chemistries that could be tapped for medicine and other industries.

But that isn't the real danger the lifeforms pose. What the public doesn't know is the method that was used to transport them has attached itself to the critters and veggies and now they are the center of tangent bleeds or something similar.

So the heroes are stuck on the plant squad, which may not be a bad thing considering the body count for their animal capturing counterparts. And most of their work isn't using shovels, it is being detectives and find the people who already transplanted the organisms to their garden or underground growing site.
derek_holland Dec 13 2018, 20:23 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Inspired by the trailer for the new Godzilla flick.

Finally a fusion power plant goes online and produces enough power to make everyone happy. Soon there are a few others built and all of them hum along smartly, producing enough juice to power the world.

And then they wake up, get up and start acting all monstery. At least they aren't fusion plants that would leave behind irradiated wastelands. Nope, the lands they leave behind are scoured of anything that is remotely human. But not radioactive, which is a good thing apparently?

Something, be it alien technology, some supernatural entities, a new set of the laws of physics humanity was completely ignorant of, etc. allowed them to become massive robot-like creatures. What is worse is they apparently are immune to nukes. Other weapons slow them, but atomic blasts are completely ignored.

So the world suddently finds itself without power (because all of its plants are now rampaging beasts) and the survival of the human species is on question.
uncle_jimbo Dec 28 2018, 08:31 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
How do you fight a constellation?

Not some animatronic light show. A dozen or hundred balls of fusing hydrogen 10,000 times the mass of your planet, that regard you as a virus. Not people they vaguely dislike. A sub-microscopic, mindless disease.

Perfected Tyranny

edit: Reading on, he probably meant something smaller, but my version would fit with a few possibilities I've mentioned elsewhere.

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derek_holland Dec 28 2018, 18:52 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
And the newest post on that same blog, alien invaders who come as a coalition:

It could be useful to create additional species for the Exat forces, just to make some surprising for the players who have probably read Externals at this point.

I would throw in one additional idea for any sort of encounter with the coalition- rotating leadership between the species. This prevent domination of one over the rest and make it difficult for enemy forces to deal with shifting tactics, some that may happen mid battle.
derek_holland Feb 9 2019, 19:56 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
The heroes are from a PL 8 version of Earth, one where technology provided almost any whim. An accident sent them and a few others to a PL 5 Earth with no way back. They may have a few engineers among them, but most of the heroes and SCMs will not be able to use their home tangent's advanced technology as an advantage here. They just have to find a way to fit in until someone comes looking for them.

The words savages and barbarians may come up more often than most Alternity campaigns.
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