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ja Sep 13 2006, 23:37 Group: Heroes, Bakugan wannabe Quote Post
Due to fact that many GM's and players appear, ask for a game thread and then disappear without notice few simple rules, to make TerroXes life easier.

-Make sure you have players for the game before you send the request. I belive that TerroX has enough obligations in his hands already, so lets not stomp him with more work if game is never to be played again.

-Make sure that you can dedicate some time to the game. As above, lets not bother TerroX more then we need to and lets not clog up games list and make them hard to navigate.

-Finally, if RL stops you at some time from gaming and you decide to call it quits (or temporary quits), have decency to inform your players as well as TerroX to move it to Old Games list. The same should go for players who need to leave the game.

Iron Fisted ja a.k.a. 'You should have never made me a Grid Cop..'
Squeeks1337 Sep 13 2006, 23:55 Group: Heroes, That tingly feeling on the back of your neck. Quote Post
Who betta than Ja?!

((PS. Sorry if I'm not supposed to post here. It just needed to be said.))

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Kyuran Sep 14 2006, 06:38 Group: Heroes, Livewire Maverick Quote Post
Hey, open threads are open threads, yo. They seem like a fine set of rules to me.
ja Sep 14 2006, 08:57 Group: Heroes, Bakugan wannabe Quote Post
I believe these rules are fair enough..

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