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Spicer Jun 8 2006, 16:41 Group: Grid Cop, Researcher for the College of Justice Ethics Quote Post
Just a quick reference to an earlier discussion where I shared some of the approach I've developed for System Check. I'm still currently reviewing my notes, a few old forum threads here at, and preparing to jumpstart a new discussion in a separate thread. Look for it soon. Meanwhile, review this as a sneak-peek.

therion Jun 8 2006, 21:25 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
Hey Spicer, thanx for the update. I have some questions/observations to make.

The idea of building a robot as a system with frame points has merit. The attribute distribution is what I'm very very concerned about. The skills and perks/flaws are easily balanced but I find the whole Dataware idea of attribute distribution flawed. Let me elaborate. I see no reason to have a fixed INT for a certain PL and type of proccessor, rather a range should be available. This would be easier to incorporate into the 60pt system non-robots use. The ranges themselves are also very dubious. Dataware's limits on con/str/dex (physical stats) is bizzare, there is no reason a PL5 droid with hydraulics wouldn't have 20 str or 20 con (especially if it's a 4m tall and long monster).
IMHO this - the ranges - is the point where most problems exist. Also, since robots can come with default armors on them, perhaps it is these armors that should help define constitution and other physical stats? If it's a heavy neuronite armor, then perhaps it should yield +2 con / -2 dex no matter which actuators droid uses?

Will the default power supply be compatible with warships system? This is a very interesting idea (IMHO). For exapmle, let's say a robot's mass reactor gives 2-3 warships PPs, and is actually usable as an emergency supply for a small ship. Then other systems on the robot would actually use miliPPs. smile.gif In one session a robot character I played actually helped save the ship while there was a power surge while in drivespace by literraly plugging it's mass reactor into the stardrive power supply.

The skill system you described is, as I understand, inherently different than non-robots. You'd basically redefine skill sets. Why? Why not, as you're saying you'd use firmware sets, allow robots of PL 7 and 8 to use standard proffesions as their firmware? A battle droid can certainly be seen as Combat Spec, and a PL8 C-3P0 alternative (Jeeves droid as a Dataware example) is definetly a diplomat. Why make things complex when they can be streamlined into the existing system? Or alternatively, use the skill set Dataware stated for AIs, which also does make sense - the INT skills are cheaper whle PER ones go exponentially up in cost.

What about onboard weapon systems? Dataware had absolutely no mention of them, except saying that a gun to be installed inside a droid would cost 50-100% more due to extra chips and actuators. I imagine now it's use actual frame points. Perhaps some cyberware ideas would be viable to solve this - I'm speaking of the endoskeleton and it's restrictions on maximum weapon mass. Just an idea here also, I assume if the guns would be integrated, they'd also need magazine space, wouldn't be dependant on existing clip sizes etc. This all should be addressed.

More brainstorming - dual processors - dual memory space, triple the power requirements. Integrated shields/screens.

Most importantly, what I despized about Dataware, is that you could make a 30cm droid with hydraulics and heavy neutronite armor. This droid would have STR 18 and could lift half a ton. Duh. Ok, it's quasi-viable, but there should definetly be scaling in armor protection in these kind of cases, and also scaling of physical stats (ranges) depending on chasis size!

Well, that's all for now, hope you'll paste something soon!
Spicer Jun 12 2006, 12:05 Group: Grid Cop, Researcher for the College of Justice Ethics Quote Post
Just thought I'd tag this thread with a link to the ongoing System Check discussion.

therion Jul 15 2006, 12:26 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
Hey Red, I was wondering... I went to and it seems dead as in server dead. Will you get it back online at all?

One other ... hmm... it's too big to be a request so let's leave it at a question: Do you have any far-future plans of implementing Foundry rules into SQuAT?
Redjack Jul 15 2006, 14:37 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
There seems to be a problem with the dns registration for that server.. The server is up and on line. I have contacted the ISP and will advise.

As to modifying SQuAT to use Foundry.... I'm gonna have to think about that, no plans at this time.
lawful1 Mar 30 2016, 20:06 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post
Whatever became of the Robots and SQuAT? I recently downloaded SQuAT and I see a robots.xml file, but no way to load it.
Guardian Mar 31 2016, 01:05 Group: Heroes, WarHulk AI Quote Post
The whole project is pretty much vapor at this point, since Real Life dragged RJ off before he could get it to much more than an early Beta.
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