Recent alternate worlds , Overview in Tangents
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Colonial Gothic: Locations

"Plymouth, Massachusetts; Elizabethtown, Maryland; Savannah, Georgia; Charlotte Haven, Florida. Four towns that appear to have nothing in common. Four towns with secrets."
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Worlds United

"What if...

"The Martians really did invade Earth in 1897? And again, in 1938?

"Venus really is a lush jungle planet, where dinosaurs still roam?

"Psionics are a reality? Crystal Technology an everyday fact of life?

"Rockets ply the spacelanes between Mars, Earth, Venus and the asteroids?

"The year is 1959?

"Worlds United is a setting of Planetary Romance and Pulp Science Fiction. Your characters are adventurers and explorers, people of extraordinary abilities, with drive and ambition to match. Here, the gleaming alloy air cars of Gernsback era SF are a reality; one really can sail the Martian canals, or wrangle dinosaurs on Venus; and there truly are wrecks of Martian War Tripods standing fearsomely tall in the Smithsonian – and the fear that the Octopoid Martians, unseen for a generation, are once again drawing their plans against us..."
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