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Redjack Jan 31 2006, 04:43 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
This thread is for discussions about how to modify SQuAT for use in other campaigns.. How to use rule sets, sources, add skills, equipment, etc. Basically how to exploit all the options available in the XML files.
Redjack Jan 31 2006, 13:51 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
Here is an example for adding an FX skill. This is the same principal for all skills, perks, flaws, etc...

Using notepad.exe open data\fx.xml. You will see that each line equals an entry in the list of super powers. Here are two examples:

<Skill Name="Brick" FXT="Super Hero" Attrib="1" Broadskill="Brick" Cost="9" UT="False" Source="Beyond Science" Energy="" />

<Skill Name="Body Armor" FXT="Super Hero" Attrib="3" Broadskill="Brick" Cost="3" UT="False" Source="Beyond Science" Energy="A,1" />

    Name=Display Name
    FXT= FX Type ["Super Hero", "Faith", "Arcane" ]
    Attib= Attribute skill is linked to [1(str), 2(Dex), 3(Con), 4(Int), 5(Wil), 6(Per)]
    Broadskill="Name" attribute of the corresponding broadskill or self if the skill is a broadskill
    Cost=skill point cost
    UT=Can the skill be used untrained? ["False", "True"]    
    Source= "Name" attribute of the source.

So since you are adding a new source and FX skill from that source, here is what I would do:

1) Open config.xml
2) Add: <Source name="Amazing Adventures" active="true"></Source>
hint: Add it in alphabetic order (before "Beyond Science")
3) Close and save config.xml
4) Open fx.xml
5) Try adding a few new fx skills using the notes above.
6) Close and save fx.xml
7) Start squat.exe
8) You should see "Amazing Adventures" as a source that is checked.
9) Your new skills should appear under the type and broadskill you connected them to.

NOTE: You may create new broadskills and new skills, but not new FX types.
Redjack Jan 31 2006, 18:13 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
That actually brings up one other question I had: how do you account for achievement benefits in Squat?  I *thought* I saw the various benefits in the coding somewhere as I was poking around, but I'm not sure...

Acheivements and the benefits available by rank are managed in the benefits.xml file.
Each profession is eligble for their various benefits at different ranks and for different costs:

Some are application supported and others are not. Benefits that affect attributes (eg INT="1" ), durability (eg. Stun="1") and actions eg. (ACBonus="-1" ; ACIncrease="1"; Action="1") are all supported directly in the application.
The costs and minimum level to acquire the benefit is also enforced by profession (CCost="15" CLevel="6").
Currently you will see additional attributes not yet enforced by the application:
    (MaxQty="1"). It is my plan to someday enforce these, but at the moment it is not on the radar scope as a priority.

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LastMaxim Jan 31 2006, 20:28 Group: Heroes, Soldier for Christ Quote Post
ahhh....I may see why I wasn't seeing any available, if they are tied to professon...I wasn't making up a full character at the time, and had not chosen a profession! I've got an exam to study for right now (the final one--YAY!!!), but I'll be back and see what I can see with the benefits issue.

Redjack Jan 31 2006, 20:58 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
Yes, you need to choose a profession and also, until you level up you will not see any available benefits.
As a test: Choose a profession and then begin adding points. As you level up the available benefits will begin populating. In my campagin, I like to track where each set of points come from so I provide an edit box to enter descriptions as you add the points.
Redjack Feb 2 2006, 15:55 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
1) Start notepad.exe
2) Open data\perksnflaws.xml
3) Replace <Perk Cost="4" source="Unknown" name="Gearhead"/>
with <Perk Cost="4" source="Dark*Matter" name="Gearhead"/>

I had seen this in the other character manager, but did not know the rules for it..
Grants -1 step bonus to repair and juryrig.

Now, as long as the Dark*Matter source is active, you can will see that as an available Perk.

HINT: To make the Dark*Matter source always active at start:
1) Start notepad.exe
2) Open data\config.xml
3) Replace <Source name="Dark*Matter"></Source>
with <Source name="Dark*Matter" active="true"></Source>

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Redjack Feb 27 2006, 17:04 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
To add a skill:
1) Start notepad.exe
2) Open data\skills.xml
3) Insert a new line in alphabetical order according to skill name
4) Copy and edit an entry.
    Name is the displayed name and MUST be unique.
    Attrib is the attribute the skill is linked to. 1=STR..6=PER
    BroadSkill is the broadskill the specialty skill is attached to. If this skill is a broadskill, then it is the same as the Name attribute. Note: This must match EXACTLY in either case.
    BasePrice Base cost in skill points
    Untrained Can this skill be used untrained? [False, True]
    Multi Is this a skill that can be purchased multiple times [False, True]
    Professions The professions that gain a 1 point reduction in cost [C,D,F,T,M]
    Source This matches to the list of sources (exactly). When the source this skill is tied to is active, this skill will be presented as an option.

The following attributes are currently depreciated and ignored:
Type, Custom, CustomName, Energy, FXSource

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