Installation and Execution Issues , New Release Notes & Troubleshooting in SQuAT - Alternity Character Tool
Alexander_q Apr 1 2007, 10:44 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
Have just downloaded squat. Seems there are no PL5 weapons or FX skills and only one career template. Do these need to be added manually, or am I missing something that I should have?
Lorgryt Dec 19 2007, 16:42 Group: Heroes, Level 5 Quote Post
Redjack, is the update stalled on this? I figured that might be the case as it has been over a year and a half without an update.

Love the program, and would love to see it progress.
Redjack Dec 24 2007, 20:28 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
Actually it has stalled. RL being what it is I've been pulled away on a significant number of things and have been trying to dedicate more time to my family. I actually need to re-establish my development environment first.
Lorgryt Dec 25 2007, 01:21 Group: Heroes, Level 5 Quote Post
I can sympathize with that! LOL

It is a nice program. I look forward to some of the implementations when you get the chance.

In the mean time, have a Happy Holiday, and thanks for what you have done so far.
Redjack Jan 30 2014, 00:28 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
A point release has been issued: 0.8.1
1) "Switch To" Menu disabled as most other menus simply were never completed.
2) HTML from File:Export now uses ASCII characters instead of Wingding fonts.
Studio Radd Jul 17 2014, 01:05 Group: Heroes, Level 2 Quote Post
Super excited to see an update to this application. I'm running a bi-weekly Alternity campaign and rely heavily on SQuAT for character management. Seeing that maybe we'll get some more updates from time to time, perhaps it's time I got back to work on adding in more of the support files (I did one for the Witchcraft rules).

Is there any chance we could get information on how to use/create House Rules?

I noticed that you disabled the "Switch to" menu. Is there another way to get to the Roster? I find that feature rather handy for managing play sessions (though it would be excellent if the Roster also included a way for tracking Action Check results and phases). Creatures and Ships didn't work and Robots only partially works, but the Roster seems well worth keeping.

I often use Beyond Science's optional rule for FX AP and would love to have that option implemented as a feature. Thankfully, the Campaign page provides a very easy work around so no big deal.

Honestly, Alternity is one of my absolute favorite game systems and I cannot thank you enough for coming back to work on it. As a software quality assurance professional I can appreciate the effort it takes to get such an application working. So thank you, thank you very much.

And now, it's time to run my bi-weekly Alternity game! :-)
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