Installation and Execution Issues , New Release Notes & Troubleshooting in SQuAT - Alternity Character Tool
Redjack Jan 31 2006, 04:32 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
This topic is for issues with the installation or execution of SQuAT. If you can't get it to run or can't get it to run correctly on your PC.
Redjack Jan 31 2006, 13:56 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
SQuAT is a Windoze only program. At this time there are no plans to port to Mac, KDE, Gnome or [insert other OS here]. Sorry...

SQuAT is currently developed at 1024x768 using system standard fonts and colors. If you experience an issue with this I am willing to look into a possible work around or solution that will not invalidate its target operating environment. I am also definitely willing to take suggestions on how to adapt the flexibility of the application. Time and resource constraints will most likely affect whether or not I am able to include them in a release.
Redjack Feb 1 2006, 04:21 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
v0.5.2 Released

Release notes:
1) Fix XML formatting on the equipment items.
2) Species now support modified movement attributes:
- -) MOVEMULT1: Compare Truncate((STR + DEX) * VALUE) to chart.
- -) MOVEMULT2: Multiply movement number * VALUE
- -) MOVESDC: [true, FALSE] If "True" => STR + DEX + CON (default=STR + DEX)
- -) MOVECALC: [true, FALSE] If "True" => Calculate move values when score > 32.
3) When clicking on Fraal, then Mindwalker: Free telepathy is removed.
    That has been corrected.

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LastMaxim Feb 1 2006, 13:12 Group: Heroes, Soldier for Christ Quote Post
Very nice *drool*...

Must download again...

apoc527 Feb 5 2006, 22:08 Group: Heroes, Evil GM Quote Post
Hi Redjack,

I have a screenshot for you to look at. What email should I send it to?
Redjack Feb 5 2006, 23:47 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
Please send any screen shots as attachments to:

Please use the subject "SQuAT Troubleshooting" and insure that you provide a brief decription of the issue in the email
Redjack Feb 6 2006, 02:51 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
v0.6.0 Released Today!!

1) HTML Export: Change "Paint Untrained Skills" to "Paint Zero Level Skills"
2) HTML Export: Modified to use data\character.css for styles.
3) Main Page: Last Resort Points removed.
4) "Campaign" page added
- -) Ability to manage character wealth added.
- -) Ability to manage Last Resort Points
5) Menu option "Functions" added
- -) Generate starting wealth created: Supports Starting funds or cash on hand
- -) Assign Starting Last Resort Points
6) Menu Option "House Rules" added.
- -) Currently only the type "None" is supported (Will be further enabled in future point releases)

LastMaxim Feb 6 2006, 16:17 Group: Heroes, Soldier for Christ Quote Post
Awesome work! Can't tell ya how long I've waited for something like this to come along...


*wipes tear*
Redjack Feb 6 2006, 16:42 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
I forgot to enable the last piece of support of support for Filthy Rich/Dirt Poor in the "Generate Starting Wealth" function code.
It is already tested and working in the code for the next point release which I expect to post next week-end (with a few other changes tweaks I am looking at).
apoc527 Feb 6 2006, 18:29 Group: Heroes, Evil GM Quote Post
Did you get that screenshot, Redjack? I really want to use SQuAT but I can't view the whole program!
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