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Redjack Sep 12 2007, 13:13 Group: Heroes, Master of SQuAT Quote Post
I have a few submissions that I have not taken the time to sit down and incorporate. I will redouble my efforts to release an updated version.
Kyuran Sep 28 2007, 09:18 Group: Heroes, Livewire Maverick Quote Post
Just used the dice roller for the first time ever. Great addition IMHO, although I'll admit I didn't think so until I switched computers and failed take my dice rolling program with me.
VonWalther Dec 31 2007, 23:57 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I just noticed that in equipment file the stats for the leather coat are wrong. It says Energy is d6-3 and it should be d4-2.
blacksunrunner Nov 17 2015, 19:24 Group: Heroes, Master of the Puniverse Quote Post
Has anyone out there in got exhaustive lists for weapons and equipment? Some of my lists don't appear in the tool e.g. I can't find any MRW prior to PL6 in the menu? Your help would be appreciated alienthumbsup.gif
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