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Alternity Game Day - March 3rd , Annual event to foster Alternity gaming. in General Zone
TerroX Apr 18 2017, 08:31 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Oops sorry to anyone visiting this topic today, somehow accidentally sent out an email blast with the previous message. Never leave the launch key inserted.
lordmalachdrim Apr 18 2017, 09:43 Group: Heroes, Level 14 Quote Post
Actually this notice came at a good time for me. It probably a good time for me to start thinking about what to do for next year. After all the Alternity kickstarter is running now and the game is at the front of my campaign planing.
Ragimund Apr 18 2017, 20:58 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post
We've been playing a Metamorphosis Alpha/Orphans of the Sky campaign, set in a Warhammer 40k space hulk, for a few months now using the Gamma World rules.

Our second group voted to start a Stardrive campaign. We'll finish the characters this friday.

And I was planning to do some Warships skirmishes in the near future.

But we have nothing planned on the 3rd...

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