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Alternity Game Day - March 3rd , Annual event to foster Alternity gaming. in General Zone
TerroX Mar 5 2015, 07:09 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
haha, those critical fails are some of the best moments.
JSM3050 Feb 12 2016, 06:37 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
We're less than a month away. What's everyone doing?

I plan on (finally) continuing work on that conversion to 5e I started about this time last year. My recent work for a submission to the Dungeon Master's Guild gave me some new insight into the mechanics and I've got a much better handle on what I'm doing.

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TerroX Feb 14 2016, 23:04 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Redoing the website design was my plan tongue.gif
JSM3050 Feb 15 2016, 05:37 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
Ranthor Feb 17 2016, 05:30 Group: Heroes, Level 6 Quote Post
What about an online game?
Nobody wants to play here tough:) biggrin.gif

I will start a one shot locally-like last year.
lordmalachdrim Feb 17 2016, 10:54 Group: Heroes, Level 13 Quote Post
My group was about to start a Traveller campaign for our Thursday campaign but now I'm thinking Alternity would be better. After all I've had to push off the start of Traveller a couple of times because as the group's GM I just haven't been able to get motivated enough to actually run it yet, and March 3rd is a Thursday.
kattan Feb 17 2016, 23:58 Group: Heroes, Level 1 Quote Post
I got a few new players who never heard of Alternity and am going to run a Starcraft adventure (custom adventure using full rules, not the actual box rules) this year. Should be fun.
JSM3050 Feb 18 2016, 01:22 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
I'd be interested in seeing what rules you use if it's not the PDF in the Downloads section. I've been (slowly, like everything else) working on getting Starcraft up to speed with the rest of Alternity. Seeing how other people handle it might make me change my own way of doing things.
uncle_jimbo Feb 22 2016, 02:21 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
It's time to decide what I can do from my Taurus Contract notes in a week or so. I think I could usefully do one or both of:
  • a resource for non-player ship's crew, provisionally Supporting Cast: Hired Hands,
  • the Concord Bureau of Navigation Technical Manual, a reference for players explaining how to repair a navigation beacon. I need the campaign mechanics in this format anyway as a player handout and it can replace the current resource.

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uncle_jimbo Feb 8 2017, 08:02 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
I might have enough of the vital parts of one or two scenarios to have something to look at for this year.
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