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TerroX Dec 16 2002, 15:03 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
GMs should post their games after reading this topic about starting a game so the forum stays organised.

Players Get on this list - by by editing your profile -so GMs can see what you want to play in.

also feel free to post EVENTS in the calendar for the starting date or hero sheet submission deadlines or anything else which people might need to know, it will appear at the bottom of the forum main page.

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TerroX Mar 24 2004, 04:34 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
a reminder about forum games - to keep people coming back.

sometimes people forget about forums and don't check them enough to keep up, but if you get all the members to "subscribe" to the forum they will be emailed every time a new topic is posted. this is handy because
the default settings already "subscribe" people to topics they start or reply to and topic content is included in the email (except for new topics).

but since new topics are not emailed to members by default they may not notice any activity if they never return.

so go to your forum, copy the "subscribe to this forum" - it will look like this

then get all members to click it while logged in :-) done.

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