Fantasy campaign idea , Parasites in Fantasy and Progress Level 3
derek_holland Dec 9 2017, 13:58 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Urban fantasy where adepts use spells that can only affect the supernatural (with one exception*). The world is full of monsters but almost no one can see or interact with them. An adept could throw (invisible) fire at a foe with a mundane firearm all day long and nothing would happen. If the gun was enchanted, it would melt/burn and its ammo explode, possibly killing its wielder. And harming/killing people that way not a good idea- each death taints the caster's soul and rather quickly they become a new monster.

So most of the world considered the heroes to be insane as they see and interact with things that the rest of humanity simply can not.

* That being enchanting objects so that spell can affect them.
derek_holland Feb 19 2018, 20:25 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
The heroes are sapient living magic items- things like lobster wands and hawk swords. Life is difficult because humanoids will never treat them as equals. Which sucks as the heroes aren't just powerful, they have so much potential (i.e. they have slightly cheaper costs for FX skills, so most are adepts).
derek_holland May 13 2018, 13:10 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
The Sense of Self in The Gardens of Ynn represents how a character staves off an incroaching presence that is attempting to claim their body (and possibly mind as well). The rules are simple- add Constitution and Charisma and then subtract one from that score every time the character uses a power that invites weakness or fails to defend a check relating to their mental defenses. It can be used for several fantasy settings:

Parasite powers. There is an idea for a setting in Beyond Science where the heroes slowly kill themselves with their powers. Why not instead have them become SCMs and super villains that the next generation has to deal with?

Terraforming accident. The heroes' minds are being slowly transformed by the magic used to turn a dead rock into a living world. It isn't an external mind they are fighting, but rather an aspect of themselves. Once transformed, the heroes become feral SCMs, top level predators that defend the biosphere of their new homeworld.

Superspace accident. Similar, but it relates to the spell used to move between realities. Once the transformation is complete, the SCMs then perform a ritual that causes a major bleed.

Teln adepts. Actual parasites that use their magic to speed their control of their hosts. Unlike Star Drive teln, these monsters are much more effective mimics of their hosts, as well as powerful adepts.

Drugs in Dark Matter. A new drug introduced by the goblins is actually part of an entity from another tangent. Once it gains complete control of the addicts, it will use them to help construct a bridge between its universe and another within the Fantastic Division. It has no interest in Dark Matter's Earth otherwise, viewing it as a stepping stone. Once the bridge is completed and the entity has gone on its way, the addicts lose their compulsions but retain their magic. In fact they become a new bloodline for magic and who knows what will result.
derek_holland Jun 26 2018, 14:00 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Inspired by this post http://necrotic-gnome-productions.blogspot...for-series.html I started tinkering with a setting that is very different from anything I have seen published. At the moment all this is is a list of ideas, some that work well together and some that do not. Consider it the seeds of a potential setting.

The setting is a large cluster of flying islands. All of them share an atmosphere. (That is the only thing set in stone.)

The islands are not tiny spheroids, but more like actual islands found in the ocean. They bob and some spin slowly.

Giant vines tether some together.

Weather is atmospheric, so it moves as waves or fronts from one edge to another, passing over the various islands. That means each island does not have its own weather. Exceptions may exist but they would be difficult to reach by most methods of travel in this setting.

There are one or more suns either orbiting the world or at its center.

There are three layers- outer, middle and core.

The outer layer is where the poor are forced to live. It is vulnerable to astral leviathans, dead sun necromancers, fungal demon spores, telepathic calls from astral entities, the divine brood and/or other monstrous hazards.

The middle layer is where the primary mines are (see below) and where conflicts are mostly between people.

The core is where the dead have sway over the living. Not that is it always a hostile relationship- one's dead ancestors make great allies.

Mining is the primary industry and it is for supernatural minerals (including all the ioun stones in the universe), and alchemical reagents.

Getting around requires giant bird mounts, gliders, and airships for short travel and passage through the Mirror Maze for longer distances.

The Mirror Maze is exactly what it sounds like- an unending maze beyond (behind?) the surface of a mirror. It is populated by reverse monsters and most people survive their trips. Occasionally an entire caravan does vanish, through that is usually not due to the monsters, but the mirror masters, adepts of great power.

There are several forms of FX popular here. Astrology is vital to the survival of the people of the outer layer. Geometry and fung shui is based on the conjunctions that replace ley lines. Mad science competes with magic and the mirror masters are its greatest enemy.

Astral projection brings in the miners, the overseers, the paymasters, the mine owners (dragons possibly), air elementalists that keep the atmosphere from decaying, and/or the secretive seekers who looks for who knows what.

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uncle_jimbo Sep 2 2018, 05:21 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
I put up something quite old and minor, in a section I'll hope to expand a bit: Hydrophobia
derek_holland Sep 3 2018, 13:38 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Re: Hydrophobia.

Why cloud giants? Storm giants are found above and below the waves and their ability to control lightning could be the basis for some sorts of technology.

Otherwise, looks like a nifty seed.
uncle_jimbo Sep 15 2018, 20:25 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Here's a fairly new combination of ideas, centrally Dark Sun, Game of Thrones, Central America and, I reckon, The Fractal Prince (see the cabal of the Opal Hearts):

City of the Dragon Wives

A city of dragon-slayers, reincarnated from the souls of the greatest hunters.

edit: I see Derek mentioned it elsewhere a couple of months ago.

The Marquis has some other interesting ideas, such as magic systems and (for another setting) Kami-Gods and their corrupted forms.

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derek_holland Sep 22 2018, 18:23 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post

How a minor magic item could spark an industrial revolution.

In addition to the primary idea, I also like the idea of allowing, or requiring, spell casters to increase in levels by creating magic items or new spells. Not only does it allow the setting to become more magically advanced as the campaign plays on, players may see the impact of their own creations upon the setting.
derek_holland Feb 10 2019, 19:21 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
The heroes died and in their travels to the afterlife they were captured and imprisoned to do work in a factory. Now a war has blown the factory up and shattered the machines the heroes possessed. The problem is they still possess the machines, or what is left of them. They, and a few scores of others, animate animate piles of junk and are trapped in the middle of a battlefield. Some may wish to be freed of their prisons while others may want to do something while they are still amongst the living.

I assume the heroes belong to the latter group.

So this campaign requires some major adjustments of the robot hero rules, esp damage and repair. But I think that it is rather freeing as the heroes aren't expected to last very long either.
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