Stealing creatures from other games in Species, Aliens, Xenoforms & Monsters
derek_holland Mar 29 2004, 14:57 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Not stats, just the concepts. I will use the following format (and ask others to do so as well):

Name (title of book, system, publisher)- what concepts make it useful.

Seeder (Minions, d20, Bastion Press)- the seeder alters humanoid males so that all their offspring from that point forward are seeders. A very long term plot device (at least 9 months smile.gif ), the seeder can be used to wipe out particular bloodlines or even whole nations.

Secret Eater (Minions, d20, Bastion Press)- mask wearing humanoids, the secret eater consumes 3 types of memories- what they look like under the mask, any encounter with them, and knowledge they want kept to themselves. A useful creature for all 3 main lines of Alternity, it can be used to keep certain knowledge out of the hands of the heros. It also requires players who are willing to play along.

Seedkin (Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary, d20, Altas)- these small plants are dangerous in combat only to the weak. Their major advantage is their reproductive potential. Each can infect an animal (inc humans) with 5-15 spores of combat seedkin and 1 spore bearer. Each spore bearer can reproduce, on average, 5 days after it germinate. I did the math and came up with 5-15 million combat seedkin and 2/3 million spore bearers in 150 days.

Scuttling Ooze (PFB, d20, Atlas)- this ooze normally feeds on giant clams. When there is an over population of the oozes or a crash of the clams due to harvest or disease, the oozes learn to hunt the people aboard ships. They can dissolve wood and act as a plug for the hole they create, as long as they live...

Child of Darkness/Child of Light (PFB, d20, Atlas)- these two templates are different parts of the life cycle of one organism. The child of light looks like a flying ray that glows (think the movie The Abyss). It flys over animals and releases spores. Those affected are the children of darkness. They are affected by mental problems and are drawn to collect where they were infected. If enough COD collect, they merge into a COL. The most powerful mind among the COD controls the new COL, but is driven to reproduce when the chance arrives.

Ocrilic (Monsters of the Boundless Blue, d20, Goodman Games)- these large birds use a chemical attack to freeze their aquatic prey. They normally eat small fish in tidal pools, but could freeze a hero that startles it. The GM might want to consider any hero so frozen to be in stasis and can only be warmed safely witht he proper medical gear.

Kaiptari (Monsters of the BB, d20, Goodman Games)- these fish have razor sharp filaments coming off their fins. The filaments are used as defense and offence and could damage a hero's breathing gear while deep under water.

Hatchoth (Monsters of the Endless Dark, d20, Goodman Games)- these giant insectoids are doubly unpleasant. They consume brain tissues and fluids and have an attack similar to a bombardier beetle (but more like a flame thrower).

Non-Euclidean (Book of Template (Deluxe Edition), d20, Silverthorne Games)- this template alters the creature as to be 4 dimensional. Those that view it can go insane (and the smarter the person, the greater the chance). Those attacking a NE, have a chance of missing as that part of the creature might not be there.

Wretched (BOT (DE), d20, Silverthorne Games)- this template is the result of too much genetic tampering. The creature becomes a half-ooze.

Plantform (BOT (DE), d20, Silverthorne Games)- this template is added to any non-plant to make it a plant. I like the concept.

Fast Fungi (Moderator's Guide, Blue Planet v2, Fantasy Flight Games)- this fungal like organism consumes all forms of bioplastic. No matter what the plastic is treated with, the fungi will consume it. But the treatments do prolong the life of the plastic and that is where the fun (for the GM) comes in. An example of use: the heros are carrying an important container of sterile medical gear that happens to be plastic. They learn it is infected and have to rush it to where ever they are taking it before the fungi breaks the seal. Some varities also consume human flesh.

Zipper (Natural Selection, BP v2, FFG)- this wasp like creature produces a toxin that is addictive in small doses and lethal in large doses.

Dune Creeper (NS, BP v2, FFG)- this vine lives off of seawater and concentrates the salt into sacrificial leaves. Okay, so this is a bio-geek thing, but I like it because it brings life to a normally green-less area (sandy seashores). I just wish it was real.

Cup Sucker (NS, BP v2, FFG)- this snail eats fast fungi. If used in a S*D campaign, finding the homeworld of fast fungi, and its predator could mean saving billions of lives.

Bad Mojo (NS, BP v2, FFG)- this fish eats other predators. It uses the sun to blind the prey and kills with sharp, bony fins.

String Worm (NS, BP v2, FFG)- this fish is extremely adapted to its habitat. It hides in tidal mud reefs and kills prey using poisonous palps that extend from its lips. It has not fins and does look like a worm.

Etyloseed (Wilderness Bestiary, Mechanical Dream, Steamlogic)- this internal parasite is extremely dangerous to human sized beings. Not because it inhabits them, but because they are 60 feet long and hates those that kill their hosts. It looks like a reptile with large, bony plates covering its limbs and back.

Pos (WB, MD, Steamlogic)- these 3 legged plants are dangerous to those that walk through shallow water. They jump at a potential prey creature and attempt to drag it underwater to drown.
Starbrat Mar 29 2004, 21:14 Group: Grid Cop, Moderator AI Quote Post
How about critters not of any RPG system?
Priest Mar 29 2004, 21:53 Group: Heroes, Thread Killer Quote Post
Like a Jackelope?
derek_holland Mar 29 2004, 22:02 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
QUOTE (Starbrat @ Mar 29 2004, 09:14 PM)
How about critters not of any RPG system?

Why not? I just was aiming at other written sources with stats and descriptions if others want to look at them. But any source (inc personal creations) is cool.
Priest Mar 29 2004, 22:06 Group: Heroes, Thread Killer Quote Post
If only I could remember the name of the huge thing that's supposed to rise up during break-up ...
derek_holland Mar 30 2004, 00:16 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
I took those above from Minions from memory, here are a bunch more:

Polar- the polar is a big cat that emits waves that "polarize" the brain waves of those within 30 feet every d4 rounds. Those affected collapse.

Vapor Bore- another big cat, the vapor bore eats the charisma of its victim and then replaces the charisma with a point its own (and thus enslaving the person).

The Crowd- an ooze that absorbs people and then makes replicas. The only way to be sure a person is part of a crowd, is to break the skin- there are no organs, only a black slime.

Cruel Guest- these little insects are nasty versions of bed bugs. They inhabit areas of poor hygiene and cause extreme pain as they burrow into living flesh. Some people use them for torture.

Death's Bloom- these mushrooms feed on brains. Those that eat them are poisoned and may gain a few memories.

Hearth Horror- the ghost of a building (sort of). When a place of great evil is destroyed, it may form a horror which then influences those in the area to rebuild the structure.

Helirax- I call these terror turkeys. They look like vultures, but taste good. The only problem is that they jump en mass to kill things much larger than themselves.

Silencer- another pure fantasy creature. When someone blasphemes and the god is angered, he may send a silencer to rip out the tongue of the offender.

Slithervine- these small plants are living listening bugs. They transmit up to a mile using telepathy.

Ebon Spider- a giant spider that has an interesting toxin. Every anniversary, the victim has a nightmare of the attack.

Sync- these humanoids adapt their melee combat tatics to their current opponent. Every round they gain a +1 to armor class and attacks. I would give them a 1 step bounse to the attack and strength defense mod every round to a max of 5.
Claudius Mar 30 2004, 05:16 Group: Heroes, Shadowrun Survivor; barely. Quote Post
Heres some from Scarred Lands:

-Flailing Dreadnaught: A orbous creature that floats on a planets magnetic field: Its covered in thick metallic plates and has dozens of extendable 40 foot long metal covered bladed tentacles, a 5 foot wide maw makes up its eyeless face filled with 2 foot long razor sharp teeth. Its armor is so thick most small arms fire bounces off it like gentle rain. It is attracted to electromagnetic radiation (just about any electronics)

-Flesh Strippers: These rat-like rodents hunt in large packs, stalking pray many times larger then themselves. They are capable of leaping nearly a dozen feet strait up. They are predetory, but the danger these animals pose is that thier saliva is a powerful painkiller: There could be dozens of them biting you before you realize they are there.

-Howling Abomination: These creatures of unknown origin are extremely dangerous. They are capable of crossing interplanetary space by an unknown means. They consist of a mass of howling tooth filled mouthes and writhing tentacles. They're digestive track forms a hole into another dimension, and they seem to be infinitely hungry. They hunt any sentient creature, and they're strange otherworldy howls are psychic in nature; they can be heard even through the vacuum of space. Even when killed they are dangerous, as the singularity within them implodes causing a massive explosion that devestates a kilometer or more in every direction.

-Keel Crusher: This huge turtle-like hunter is covered with armored spines. The water worlds on which it dwells seem have huge herbivors who, from underwater, look very much like the hull of a boat. The Keel Crusher attacks boats without realizing they are not its normal prey. They are powerful enough to smash an 80 foot sailing ship in one blow.

-Leeching Willow: This terrible creature was a genetic experiment: create trees that can grow in extremely arid enviroments very quickly that absorb water out of the air, that extends its fronds towards water sources, that can be harvested later for water reclemation purposes. The trees grew wildly out of control and seek any water source; even human blood. They are capable of sucking a full grown human dry in a matter of seconds.

-Night Touched: This is no one type of creature, it is a disease that creates a jet-black 'extra skin' around one infected. The disease feeds off the nutrients the infected injest. It requires many times the nutrients most creatures injest in a day or it starts to feed on the carriers body. The pain and the survival instincts drive the infected insane, causing them to see anything and everything living as food. The disease confers greatly enhanced senses, durability, and speed, but it cannot stand bright light, thus the night touched only hunt at night.

These are not the original background descriptions of the creatures, merely scifi varients. The originals were all horrible mutations caused by magical titans blood after the great war of the titans in the Scarred Lands setting.
Lazarus Apr 1 2004, 03:39 Group: Heroes, Amazing Hero Quote Post
There are some great alien creatures in the Star Trek RPG Creatures sourcebook by Decipher ( It includes some classics like the mugato (from TOS), tribbles, & the sehlat (Vulcan teddy bear w/ 6" fangs), as well as many never-before-mentioned creatures. Obviously, you have to convert the stats to Alternity, but it has some neat descriptions & a few illustrations. My only real criticism is that it doesn't have enough illustrations for all the alien creatures in the book.
derek_holland Jun 2 2004, 13:44 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
Kaling- this plant is a sphere .75 meters in diameter and has fronds 3 meters long. They are intelligent brown algae that devote their existance to protecting their waters and do so by engineering combat plants. I came up with them for SpellJammer.

Hebz- these 3 meter long, dull green beetles have 2 species. The first dwells on cliffs near oceans and hunts in the water. The second live in old, abandoned buildings and kills prey on the ground by landing on it. I created this for GW.

Anyone else has any ideas?
Werefox Jun 2 2004, 19:23 Group: Heroes, Level 12 Quote Post
Rhea: Master of Orion 3 Magnate race. Also know as gargantua, the Rhea are best described as T-rex in powered armor. Given their size one would think they wouldn't have the fine manipulation to develop technology but they evolved the ability to telekineticly manipulate objects as dexterously as any human. Standard Rhean infantry is best fought with anti vehicular weapons. Powered infantry is as tough as most other races tanks.

I'd be Thor to if I slept in an ice cube

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