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DrShocter Apr 9 2019, 00:09 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
I've been wanting to adapt a game setting using C.S. Lewis' "Cosmic Trilogy" as a basis. I ran a single adventure in the setting in OG Alternity about 15 years ago. With the release of New Alternity I decided to bring it back. My wife has suspended her Wednesday night game due to increased time commitments that are stressing her out, so my goal is to get people excited and help her and everyone blow off some steam with some fantastical space adventures.

I generated some additional species, talents, drones, and armors for the use of my table. I was going to share them on the forum, but when I looked at how to submit a resource I realized I really don't know anything about computers. Right now I have some word documents that I share through Dropbox or directly with my players.

I'll post more about the setting after we have our session zero and determine what kind of game people want to play.
derek_holland Apr 9 2019, 12:20 Group: Heroes, Master of Mutant Creation Quote Post
You could put them in the resources, post them directly to the forum or provide the links in this thread.
TerroX Apr 9 2019, 22:37 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Author (DrShocter @ Apr 9 2019, 11:09)
I was going to share them on the forum, but when I looked at how to submit a resource I realized I really don't know anything about computers.

In Microsoft Word use "Save As", choose PDF and upload that to this page

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uncle_jimbo Apr 10 2019, 04:29 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
I'm very interested to see what you make of the trilogy.
DrShocter Apr 13 2019, 13:17 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
Author (TerroX @ Apr 9 2019, 17:37)
In Microsoft Word use "Save As", choose PDF and upload that to this page

Thanks, I submitted my list of extra species, talents, drones, and armors. When I first looked at the submission rules I did not understand I could just stick pdf's in your digital mail slot and upload them. I appreciate everyone's help.

We had our session zero on Wednesday, explained the general setting, tone, and type of game. They are accepting of the basic premise of the setting, with familiar planets renamed and retooled to be science fantasy high adventure settings. I gave a brief explanation of the New Alternity core concept rules, and we spent most of the time discussing what brought the party together and what kinds of things they wanted to do.

The party is going to be a group similar to the playable characters in Mass Effect (never played the game, I think they are called Specters?), a secret elite force of trouble shooters who zoom around in their own custom super ship. They decided that they would have missions with leeway from the authorities to fulfill their duties by any means they deem appropriate. They want to have some eventual conflict with their parent organization about a moral/ethical issue. They want to travel across many worlds dealing with local issues and some overarching existential threat.

We did not have a chance to create characters yet. Players range from two veterans of the old system (shocked to learn that they must now roll high), two people fairly new to gaming (they played several sessions of my wife's Cypher games) and my wife who has been gaming for a few years now but is VERY story-centric and bored by any amount of crunch. Character concepts which people found interesting: one newbie wants to be a Hoshi Sato-type (Star Trek Enterprise) so we will have her playing a home brew race I am calling the Arrunau. One new person wants to be Cpt. Combat Support (my name) a Nesh sniper drone pilot. My wife wants to stab people, she'll take a stab at playing one of my new races. The two veterans wanted time to reflect and make their own characters, I'm looking forward to what people have next Wednesday.
uncle_jimbo Apr 14 2019, 21:23 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Good to see. I'll have a proper look later.

I'm interested in his concept of Deep Heaven - that the space of the Solar System (and maybe beyond) are filled with life, energy and society from which we're excluded. I think I'd start by reversing some tropes: Space is not cold or dark (as illustrated by many artists, not only for SF, actually), nor does it suck out your air or blood.
DrShocter Apr 15 2019, 21:04 Group: Heroes, Level 9 Quote Post
That's an idea from the story I was very fond of when I read it. The big problem I have chosen for the players in this game is fixing Deep Heaven.At the moment, the background of the game involves some human made disaster which changed Deep Heaven so the eldila have disappeared from space and only appear briefly and occasionally. So space was something alive and fantastic, and it was made cold and dead by evil forces. As you will see when you read the stuff I posted, all this is a work in progress.

I hope to run a few versions of the setting and see how it works. I have to think about how I would run space differently in Deep Heaven. I would love to hear your thoughts. I'm excited about this setting, and about collaborating with you guys here. It's a new way of making a game for me.

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