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Ultraviolet Grasslands , was Balbergulbness in General Zone
uncle_jimbo Apr 8 2019, 02:39 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Author (uncle_jimbo @ Mar 6 2019, 07:21)
Interesting thoughts on a setting principle:

Anti canon worlds
There is a map. It is over 4.5' long. If that doesn't make you lose your actual mind, I do not know what you want from life.

Most importantly of all: if we can get to $99,999, Luka will be cruelly forced to undertake the arduous task of filming a preposterous UVG-themed yoga instructional video for us all to cherish.

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Myridian Apr 17 2019, 03:37 Group: Heroes, Level 20 Quote Post
I backed it for the Yoga video
TerroX Apr 17 2019, 04:46 Group: A.Net Staff, Admin of Doom Quote Post
Quite the thematic setting.

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