Defence satellites and space fortresses in Spaceships & Vehicles
uncle_jimbo Mar 17 2019, 03:00 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Author (uncle_jimbo @ Feb 17 2019, 19:07)
This should involve a reasonable degree of analysis of the sources that refer to Defence Types, primarily the Campaign Setting and The Externals, and the examples given there, often by deduction: a statement made about a certain Defence Type logically might not apply to Types below or above it, in whichever direction is helpful.

This level of detail allows and will benefit from statistics for orbiting defence installations of a range of size, Firepower and automation or otherwise, starting with:
  • Type Two: Potential for a sparse defence network, insufficient to repel an attack by trained military forces
  • Type Three: chance of a network of defence satellites, forming a capable defence against independent craft and pirates
  • Type Four: armed space stations
  • Type Five: advanced satellites (that presumably have advanced weaponry and other advanced systems), adequate to help suppress an attack by a task group

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