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uncle_jimbo Mar 3 2019, 05:58 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
I think Alternity can support dungeons. "Cauldron Station", Klick Clack and the "Stoneburner Site" in the Star Compendium look very much like them.

Can it have a 30 minute dungeon? I might give it a try.

A Hook
General Background
3 Combat Encounters
3 "Empty" Rooms
2 Traps
1 Weird Thing To Experiment With
Some Treasure
A Magic Item

I might suggest to read the last as "An improved, customised, alien or artifact item."

Pour Earl Grey, open Wordpad, start the clock
uncle_jimbo Mar 3 2019, 06:32 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Could be enough to go on with:

Jumping Bastards
A Hook

Struggling smallholdings in the Asteroid Belt fall silent under raids of the vicious Wolf Spider Clan. The pirates take alive survivors with useful skills, or young enough to be moulded into obedience. A coalition of settlers has scraped together good pay to give a setback to this menace and return their friends and family.

General Background
Following rumours and sweating details out of minor thugs, the heroes have traced the captives to an unregistered bolas station with an ore-carrier hulk spinning on a cable across from a nickel-iron asteroid counterweight.

3 Combat Encounters
Forced Dock

How do you run a combat encounter without combat statistics?
The heroes may try to bluff their way in, but the pirates are suspicious and don't expect visitors. Most likely, they will have to run in under attack from a bootleg gun emplacement (Science for sensors, Dodge for internal explosions, Engineering for damage control) to try to match velocity and clamp on to the habitat (hard Piloting, Engineering). If they can't make it, they'll have to go around for another run.

Storming the Docks
Breaching an airlock, the heroes burst into a long central space in micro-gravity, swarming with elaphromorph Gangsters.

The Slave Barracks
The pirates make a last stand by the cells, led by a cybered-up Enforcer.

3 "Empty" Rooms

Tools, parts, half-repaired items

Disused Ore Bins
Dust, grit, heavy-duty hatches

Deserted Quarters
Unwashed clothes, personal knick-knacks, tablets with messages and entertainment

2 Traps
Sentry Slicer

Beam detector, mono-whips

Breach and Decompression
Once-damaged and partly repaired corridor with strategically weakened support members

Bosun Skaggs

Corporate security fleet deserter

1 Weird Thing To Experiment With
Outpost Biological Experiment

Semi-animal tentacled growths, nutrient lines, coloured lights, minor electrical stimuli

Some Treasure
Experimental Results

Digital records in a pile of unprocessed data drives and miscellaneous loot

Rare Earth Metal Ore
Unmarked containers of separated asteroidal rock, Science to identify

A Magic Item

Improved sight, high-power ammunition
AI with quirky personality
uncle_jimbo Mar 3 2019, 07:15 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Actually, the Wolf Spider Bosun is just a scumbag who will probably get shot in short order. Michaela the corporate security cyber-rifle, who is unaware her CO is a pirate, could be the more interesting NPC.

The Protostar A&EG doesn't actually have a "high-power rifle", so she might be a high-power laser rifle instead.
uncle_jimbo Mar 3 2019, 22:55 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
The map for the above (obviously not within 30 minutes) should be interesting. It was once an EM drive craft, designed to accelerate continuously at 1G with periods of weightlessness for ore loading, ship turnover and docking, so like Traveller's Azhanti High Lightning, it should have decks at right angles to the direction of thrust as for a tower, rather than a sea vessel.

I have some ideas for an outline for Star*Drive that I think can fit into six-ish encounters - very different in structure. I should get some materials for mapping.
uncle_jimbo Mar 5 2019, 01:28 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
uncle_jimbo Mar 5 2019, 09:23 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Done from 7.20pm to 7.50pm:

Groin Stomp Alley

A Hook

Go down Groin Stomp Alley if you think you're hard enough.

General Background
The grimmest blot on a blighted neighbourhood on a struggling planet, somewhere.

3 Combat Encounters
2. 3 Cykoteks
Elder grizzled killer, mature slayer, edgy fledgling. [Cyber NPC table, adapted]

8. 4 Biowarriors
Eager to pound a strong and worthy opponent, and just as prepared to keep a weak opponent for later as a punching dummy.

7. 2 ESPions
Search out the weaknesses of those who fall into their lair to cruelly end their lives.

3 "Empty" Rooms
1. Noodle Cart

Bowls slowly cooling, others gelling on the heat into a nasty sticky mess. A grease fire might break out. Clearly left for only a moment.

3. Studio
Partial bodies of various sentients artistically combined with machine parts and digital components using wire sutures, bolts and pins. The subjects were clearly alive for the work, showing expressions of outrage, horror, agony and despair. A noodle vendor has been pinned to a scaffold, ready to begin his transformation.

10. Mezzanine sleeping quarters
Sleeping mats, relaxing chimes and simple carved wooden shapes.

2 Traps
Vertically floating wheel of crystal spikes, strikes to core out the nervous system of one entering with fear or hostility (Resolve-mental resolve, +2 penalty if carrying a drawn weapon or +1 for other preparations for danger, deliberately calming the mind allows a complex check of up to three attempts depending on time spent in preparation)

6. Digger jaws buried under loose dirt, open wide to shed the crumbling disguise and then snap shut with shearing force

She's a youthful artisan of high-end, esoteric and dangerous (to the unskilled) data structures.

1 Weird Thing To Experiment With
5. Vending machine
has been restocked with various found objects, many simply junk, others still working or even quirkily improved. Pay in a chip of a material the machine hasn't sensed before.

Some Treasure
Credit 3Ds of the cykoteks' many victims.

A Magic Item
Psionic training stand runs routines of coloured symbols, sounds, numbers and images to develop mindwalking skills progressively in those who prove to have talent. The majority never click.

user posted image
uncle_jimbo Mar 5 2019, 20:18 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
It would play differently and considerably better with a different map (the same key) that made players go through encounter areas to enter the alley, using the stomping ground, house of ceilings, cykotek hole and maybe a squeeze past the vending machine as entrances. This would probably involve moving the noodle cart around a corner. I'd still put the many-coloured girl further in. I have some ideas for detailed forms of areas.

This little sketchbook is pretty useful. I might keep it around for a while.
uncle_jimbo Mar 9 2019, 09:03 Group: Grid Cop, 5éme Corbin Quote Post
Author (uncle_jimbo @ Mar 5 2019, 20:23)
Groin Stomp Alley

Some Treasure

Could be well suited:

Sci-Fi Items

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