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> Changing the nature of dark matter
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Inspired by Star Trek Discovery and Star Wars. Spoilers for both. And one D&D reference.

There is almost nothing about what dark matter is in the D*M setting book. No reasons for the tides, nothing about how it alters the laws of physics to allow FX to function, how large the affected area is (Earth, the solar system, the local group of galaxies), or if it be interacted with on a physical, mental or social level.

So that means we can fill in those blanks however we want. It could be alive much like the fungal network underpinning the universe in STD or intelligent in a way like the Force. The tides could be growth and die back rather than waves. It could be alien in origin, an experiment that allows some of the Fantastic Division to leak into a small part of the Milky Way to study those effects on life. Or it could be like the Serpent, the living source of magic that Vecna speaks to before and after he attained godhood. That means adepts are actually talking to dark matter in some manner and it might talk back.

Have you ever tweaked or outright changed the nature of dark matter?
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