The Crew and the Quarantine: Again? , A parallel story. in Gamemasters Corner, Adventures & Plots
DrShocter Feb 24 2019, 02:12 Group: Heroes, Level 8 Quote Post
Pretty much what you said, but 4 star general in a dog’s body is even more weird.
SanChristo Feb 24 2019, 10:36 Group: Heroes, Level 11 Quote Post
Is it Cobalt_Phoenix that's into Altered Carbon? I think there's some overlap here. At this point, the copies understand that they're copies; however, that could change.
cobalt_phoenix Feb 24 2019, 13:51 Group: Heroes, Beyond Level 20 Quote Post
Yeah, that would be me, though I doubt I'm the only one.

By the way, you may want to consider giving them an "oopsy" moment with this sort of tech, just to make sure they don't outright abuse it. One potential: introduce a cross-pollination between the characters and the new bodies they are uploaded into. Perhaps someone uploaded into a bear begins to have a desire to go after a bee hive, or eat some berries, or hunt raw salmon, etc. If this is the first use, you can let it slide, but keep adding in new traits to their behavior that get more powerful over time. You could turn to the various flaws that dictate behavior as a great starting point to work out the details.
SanChristo Feb 25 2019, 01:33 Group: Heroes, Level 11 Quote Post
Author (cobalt_phoenix @ Feb 24 2019, 13:51)
By the way, you may want to consider giving them an "oopsy" moment with this sort of tech, just to make sure they don't outright abuse it.

Yeah, I like that idea a lot. I'm also considering there being some somewhat mystical elements. What if the duplicates start sharing an inexplicable psychic bond with the original? It would be like quantum entanglement theory, but with their consciousness.
SanChristo Mar 13 2019, 10:28 Group: Heroes, Level 11 Quote Post
A classic boss battle ensues. The three figures--punkrock, dreadlock, and mohawk--are dressed as civilians and appear to be unarmed; however, the Crew quickly realizes that the three of them are all equipped with psychic powers (mind walkers)--cryokinetics, pyrokinetics, psychokinetics. All three also have telekinetic shields that block various amounts of damage. The Crew does a fair job of defeating the dreadlock and punk rock, but mohawk proves more problematic. A battle in the parking lot rages on, including inspiring speeches from Escher, massive attacks from Dom, and Ike trying (and failing) to run over a guy with the van. Eventually, they do take down the trio, which includes Ike trying (and failing) to shoot through the van windshield. During the fight, the helicopter takes off, taking with it the tracking device the Crew planted in it.

After they dispatch the trio, they bring them inside, and Anaya does an autopsy, hoping to find (and perhaps use) the source of their powers. She discovers that the trio’s brains are extra wrinkly, and their grey cells are extra greyey, and that’s about it. That is to say, their powers are essentially biological not mechanical.

They then decide to split up. The dudes and the wolf head to the Mt. X-Plicit to try to get their story out, while the ladies and the bear decide to head to a cell tower with the professors to see if they can figure out what’s causing the signal disruption and possibly remedy it.
SanChristo Mar 13 2019, 10:30 Group: Heroes, Level 11 Quote Post
The dudes of the Crew (Escher, Ike, and Dom) take back roads towards downtown and see panic on the streets as people are freaking out over the simultaneous loss of cell signals and the rumors from people on foot. They come across a road block and civilians being loaded onto busses, so the crew ditches the car to avoid being detained and hoofs it up into downtown. At one point, they come across a group of people hiding in a park. Escher is suave enough to calm them down and get some information out of them: All of the bridges crossing the French Broad are barricaded, and no one knows where the people are being taken.

The dudes manage to avoid detection and make it into the Mt. X-Plicit, which is in chaos as the reporters are faced with the biggest story of their lives but they have no way of getting it to their audience. The editor Fee Fiona Fameson then marches across the room and promptly coldcocks Escher. While he’s out, Dom is able to talk to F.F.F. about why she’s so upset. She alleges that Escher sent her a very insulting and lewd email. Dom tries to persuade her that it wasn’t really him, but F.F.F. says she’s worked with Escher for years and that no one else writes like him: It was definitely him. Ike then tries to explain that Escher’s consciousness has been copied onto their hard drive and that The Conspiracy must somehow be using it against them. F.F.F. doesn’t buy it at first, but when Escher awakens, he’s able to calm her down and actually convince her of the truth. They begin to discuss ways to get the story out.

CUT TO: The lady-folk of the Crew (Delilah, Val, and Zayaan) are crossing AB-Tech campus when they hear a Hummer approaching. They take cover in a nearby building. Delilah’s able to use her keen powers of detection to see the vehicle has three soldiers and what appears to be a civilian woman. The lady-folk take a “wait and see” approach, but the vehicle pulls in, the occupants fan out--save one soldier who takes to the turret gun and begins blasting the building that they’re in. The lady they’re with does her best to deliver an inspiring speech (“Do good and don’t do bad!”) to the soldiers, but it ends up being an abysmal failure and depresses them.

Then it begins: Zayaan delivers the most inspiring speech ever uttered since the battle of St. Crispin’s Day. An inspiring speech so inspiring that it even inspires Val to finally making a successful fucking bomb. While The Crew are hunkered down, two soldiers begin flanking maneuvers, while the third continues blasting the building from the turret, and the lady with them switches tactics and begins taunting The Crew instead.

“Hey Delilah,” she says. “Why the fuck would you remake Highlander?”

The question cuts deep into the souls of The Crew. Why the fuck are they remaking Highlander? Just the same, Zayaan hurls the bomb out the window at the Hummer, and it explodes in spectacular fashion. Another epic battle breaks out, as the soldiers breach the building. One is able to bring down the bear before he’s killed. The other runs in and promptly drops his gun. Delilah makes a grab for it, so the guys pulls a grenade out (“Quick! Give him his gun back!”). He tosses the grenade but is soon killed by Val and her cattleprod. Anaya stays with the bear while the rest of The Crew make it the rest of the way to the cell tower without incident.

Val and Dante are able to climb to the top of the tower where they find that whatever the problem is, it’s not coming from the tower itself. They’re not going to be able to get a signal out, but they can send signals to and from other people within the Quarantine. They can also trace the device they planted in the crate that the helicopter took away. While in the tower, they also have a clear view of much of the quarantine. Police and military forces have encircled Asheville via, I-40 and 240.

Dante wants to stay at AB-Tech with Anaya while she attempts to save the life of the bear. He’d also like permission to experiment with the tech they salvaged.
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